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Inserted Evil is an alternate reality game made to tie in with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It features missions that require codes that have been hidden by the site owner to beat, Capcom then makes a draw with the participants names in for a prize that will then be sent to the winner's home. Over the next few weeks, participants will be asked to help an insider find evidence to expose Umbrella and the devastation it is about to unleash in Raccoon City.

Due to the release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the links are now defunct.


Inserted Evil Mask

The game starts on Umbrella Sciences website. Clues appear on, with users then having to scour the web for the relevant materials. Once players have found an item, they get a code to prove that they done so. Except for the last one, clues appeared once a week, generally on Wednesdays.

As it is collected, the evidence reveals new information about gameplay, Umbrella Corporation, enemies and playable characters.

Requirements to play[]

Participants need to be 18 years of age or over and have a Facebook account.


Mission 1[]

"This City department has a lot to answer for. Their work literally stinks! Spiders, alligators — who knows what else is down there? "
— The first clue

Mission 2[]


Flick through images of the Raccoon City art that goes skin deep.

— The second clue

""The stairway in City Hall. Check out the big sewer grate in the park." - The clue to hidden items in RE:ORC

Mission 3[]


If Van Buren is 8 and Garfield is 20, then you must learn some lessons from 13 my dear Watson. It's a challenging start, but the highest peak is the one worth aiming for.

— The third clue

Mission 4[]

"We need to get to know our enemy. Let's go back to the start, to the two who started it all and see what we can see. "
— The fourth clue

Mission 5[]

"What the city hears. You should listen. "
— The fifth clue

Mission 6[]

"Strangely, there's nothing to see – but plenty to hear from the labs. Is Umbrella all talk? These scientists certainly are, but not everyone will understand them. That's what friends are for though right? "
— The sixth clue

Mission 7[]

"I've been looking into chemistry and I think you should too. Here's a site to help you. Is that the Chief and what he does? Almost. Let's do this by the numbers – and the letters. "
— The seventh clue

Mission 8[]

"Play him. Play like him. Meet force with force. "
— The eighth clue

Mission 9[]

"The final piece of the puzzle and the resolution to the struggle. Everything you've worked for has lead to this. Raccoon City will be a better place."
— The ninth clue

According to Sider, his location has been compromised and he is currently on the run from Umbrella. He also mentions that some of his trusted contacts around the world are setting things in motion. He also mentions how he "needs more time" and a "new way to get it to you all". Sider's Twitter was taken over by Umbrella on the 18th January 2012.

On the 24th January 2012, Sider was killed by a Umbrella operative who resembled Vector. The player is then taken to a "game over" screen.

This site links to the pages revealed by the first eight clues.

Possible Prizes[]

- According to the Terms and Conditions, there are 2 Gas Masks (one for solving clue 1, and one for clue 8), 1000 USS patches, 3300 Xbox 360 codes, 3300 PS3 Codes, and 500 T-shirts to be won.

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