Inside of BIO-HAZARD, otherwise known as the "BIO HAZARD Perfect Guide", is a 144-page guide book for the original Resident Evil, published in 1997. It includes a very novice-friendly navigation guide using the maps, and reveals interesting additions to the game's backstory.


File 1 (p.6-34)

Inside of BIO-HAZARD - page 11 (Forest)

An example of the S.T.A.R.S. profiles.

File 2 (p.34-58)

This section includes a large description of the Clay virus, the predecessor concept to the "Progenitor Virus" in the franchise's earlier years. Each entry on B.O.W.s indicates what variant of the virus they were infected with as a bonding agent, with the zombies also being mentioned as being infected with the "ε" (epsilon) strain.

The section then moves on into an analysis of each creature seen in the game, with various notes added in. The crows encountered in the game are referred to as "jungle crows" (ハシブトガラス hashibutogarasu?), a common East Asian bird species similar to ravens. They are revealed to have been infected by consuming the zombies' rotting flesh. The wasp enemies are revealed to have been infected by consuming the pollen of Plant 42, explaining why they reside in the dormitory.

The T-002's internal biology is also brought up, revealing it to have a tricardialpulmonary system (using three hearts).

File 3 (p.59-122)

The third chapter ends in a page covering the estimated casualties resulting from the Mansion Incident, including Umbrella's human test subjects killed during the S.T.A.R.S. investigation. It totals to around 128 individuals.

  • Seven members of the S.T.A.R.S. investigation teams are listed as deceased. Since this is before the 2002 remake's retcons, RPD pilot Kevin Dooley is not mentioned.
  • The numbers of casualties from the mansion and dormitory staff is given as approximately forty-six. Most of the infected are killed during the S.T.A.R.S. investigation, though at least one suicide can be confirmed through documents lying around.[excerpt 1]
  • An estimated number of twenty-five members of staff in the laboratory is recorded. The staff in the laboratory are described as having committed suicide more often than those in the mansion. It is suggested that they learnt of the viral leak early on and were prepared to take their lives.[excerpt 2]
  • Seven staff members on temporary transfer from Umbrella HQ are listed independently; the possibility that they were quarantined instead is raised. It is also brought up that their identities may be hard to identify.[excerpt 3]
  • Twenty-two B.O.W. test-subjects were also of human origin, suspected of having been taken from lifestyles with nonspecific residence such as the homeless community. As a result, the book notes that these victims would be extremely difficult to identify. Most of these subjects were killed during the S.T.A.R.S. investigation.[excerpt 4]
  • The T-002's former, human identity was left impossible to confirm due to the damage its body sustained during the battle and resulting explosion.[excerpt 5]
  • Approximately thirteen people of four households are marked as victims of the escaped dogs and zombies.[excerpt 6]
  • A final seven or so out-of-state hikers/mountain climbers were also attacked by the Cerberus pack. All but two went out hiking alone.[excerpt 7]

Secret data (p.123-144)



  1. Excerpt from page 121:
    "館及び奇宿舎の職員 46名(推定)
    ウィルス感染によりゾンビとなり、 彼にほとんどがS.T.A.R.S.隊員に射殺される。ただし、 館内で発見された資料から、 最低1名の自殺者がいたことが確認された。
  2. Excerpt from page 121:
    研究所職員 25名(推定)
    ウィルス感染及びゾンビ化した職員の襲撃により死亡した者がほとんど。ウィルス漏出の事実を早くから知らされていたためか、 自殺者の数は・館の職員のそれより多かったようだ。
  3. Excerpt from page 121:
    本社よりの出向研究者 7名(推定)
    上記人数はすべて行方不明者で遺体の確認はされていない。場合によっては、 アンブレラ社により隔離されている可能性もあるため、 確実な所在調査が現在の急務である。
  4. Excerpt from page 121:
    被験者タイプA(氏名未確認) 22名
    各種B.O.W.の素材としてウィルス投与を行なわれた者。そのほとんどがS.T.A.R.S.隊員により射殺された。これらの被験者は、 元はホームレスなどの住居不特定者であったことが予想され、 身元認は困難を極めている。
  5. Excerpt from page 121:
    被験者タイプB(氏名未確認) 1名
    ウィルス投与などの処置でタイラントと化した被験者。研究所爆発のため遺体の確認はできず、 身元の解明はもはや不可能であろう。
  6. Excerpt from page 121:
    ラクーン市住民 4世帯13名(推定)
  7. Excerpt from page 121:
    他州よりの旅行者 7名(推定)
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