"A key with a unique symbol on the end. It opens the door of the house in the village."
— Item examination

The Insignia Key is a key item in Resident Evil 4. It is a key crafted with the insignia of Los Iluminados that opens the door in the village center.


The key can be used to open the building with the cult symbol on the door, located at the far east side of the village center.


The key itself can be picked up at the end of Chapter 1-2 in the Village chief's house,[1] and used in Chapter 1-3. In Separate Ways, the key is already in the village center, on top of a roof you must hookshot to.

Further notes

An interesting trick to try in the main game is to not take the key. This will cause none of the enemies to spawn outside or in the village giving you chance to gather items in those areas. Once everything is taken, you can go back and grab the key and then fight the enemies.



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