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Instant death attacks are a common occurrence throughout the Resident Evil series. This name has been attributed to three different classes of attacks utilized by various monsters.


  • Instant Death Attacks - These are the very essence of the namesake. If these attacks hit their target, they will die regardless of their health situation and once hit, there is no way to recover from it.
  • Avoidable Death Attacks - These involve either grabbing the player or putting them in an immediately avoidable situation. The player can often escape by struggling (moving the analog/directional pad or tapping buttons) or by entering a designated prompt. Failing to will result in death.
  • High-Damaging Attacks - Although these do not include instant death in such a manner, they are extremely damaging. When a player in Caution status is hit with these attacks, it will result in a specialized instant death animation. Some creatures will not even use these attacks until the player is in Caution status.

Instant Death Attacks

Creature Games Picture Description Strategy
Neptune Resident Evil (Remake) Neptune Attack Jill.jpg In Resident Evil, failing to cross the Aqua Ring fast enough will result in the mother Nepture instantly devouring the player. Run. In this situation, that is really the only thing you can do. The Neptune shark cannot be killed at this point, so just run through the Aqua Ring as fast as you can and you should avoid a chompy death.
William Birkin (First Form) Resident Evil 2 (Scenario B Only) 1805270-resident evil 2 william g i.jpg With his pipe in hand, Birkin will raise it high into the air for several seconds before smashing it down onto any nearby player, killing them instantly. Thankfully, Birkin's first form is extremely slow, giving you plenty of time to unload into him with a Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, or whatever you have to end the battle quickly before he can close in and use this attack. Even then, it should be easy to run from and avoid.
Alligator Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 2 - Alligator.jpg This giant alligator found in the sewers beneath Raccoon City is easily large enough to completely consume the player in its maw, and it will do just that if it gets close enough. The easiest way to defeat this toilet-flushed-pet is to lead it around the sewer tunnel until you get to the explosive canister. As the alligator passes it, it will snap it up in its jaw. All it will take is a single bullet, then, to take off the gator's head.
Nemesis-T Type (Final Form) Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis III.jpg Getting too close to the back of Nemesis' final form will cause it to suddenly flip over onto its back, impaling the player with the spikes lining its back. Very simple - don't stay near it's back side. Although its attacks are powerful, this one is the most dangerous. Nemesis' final form can be damaged with the magnum and rocket launcher but the best way to go about this is as the game intended, by utilizing the rail gun.
Gulp Worm Resident Evil CODE:Veronica Gulpworm.jpg The Gulp Worm will attempt to come up from beneath the player, and will completely devour the player if given the chance. The best strategy is to just run away from it, because it will take a lot of bullets to kill early on. It shouldn't be too hard to dodge if you're quick.
T-078 (First Fight) Resident Evil CODE:Veronica The Tyrant will keep knocking Claire back until she falls into the fire where she'll die. Only one option, and that's to defeat the Tyrant before reaching the dead end in the back.
T-078 (Second Fight) Resident Evil CODE:Veronica If Claire goes near the open hatch, and Tyrant land a hit on her with a knockback, she will fall off the plane. Avoid getting near the hatch, especially if the Tyrant isn't limping yet.
Nosferatu Resident Evil CODE:Veronica If Nosferatu hits Claire with any of his appendages attacks, and causes to throw or push her towards the limits of the helipad, she'll fall to her death. Avoid close combat when near the edges, it's better to stay away from him.
Alexia Ashford (First Form) Resident Evil CODE:Veronica Zora Alexia CV.jpg Only in her first form, if Alexia gets too close to the player, she will lift them up with her hand and completely engulf them in flames. The best course of action for Alexia's first form is to simply keep as much of a distance from her as possible. Try to get out of this battle quickly by using the magnum or another powerful weapon.
Alexia Ashford (Before the final fight) Resident Evil CODE:Veronica When Claire is about to run past Alexia, she cuts her off with a wall of flames and approaches her, if you don't shoot her, she'll hit Claire pushing her off the platform. Your only option is to shoot. Any gun will be enough.
Lurker Resident Evil 0 Lurker.jpg Extremely dangerous when close, the creature will easily swallow the player whole. Killing the Lurker is out of the question. Thankfully, it scares easily as a gunshot is usually enough to make it run away quickly. Firing off a shot should give you enough time to make way to an exit and get away from this creature before they make a snack out of you.
Hunter R Outbreak, File #2 Hunter R.jpg The creature will stand in place and begin to growl as it readies its claw. When it attacks, the claw will slash the player's torso, causing them to fall to their knees as they bleed out. This variation of Hunter is the easiest to deal with by far, being extremely susceptible to all kinds of weapons. A point-blank shotgun blast is often enough to kill it right away and even using melee weapons is enough to take the creature down rather quickly.
Al Lester (The Axe Man) File #2 Axeman.jpg With his axe in both hands, Lester will lift it high above his head and wait for a moment before quickly bringing it down, slicing anyone in its path. There is enough time to avoid him when he begins to prepare this attack and it has little range, so it shouldn't be much of an issue. He can also be shot or attacked to make him cancel the attack. Either trying to kill the Axe Man or simply running away, either solution is viable really.
Zombie Lion File #2 20.jpg The creature will rear back and begin to growl as it prepares to attack, alerting the player before it charges the player and slashes their torso. Zombie Lions are very quick and very dangerous because of their mobility. They are weak to David's homemade spears and a hunting rifle or any other heavy weapon should be enough to take them down. Just be ready to move when it gets into its stance.

Interestingly, Mark is able to guard against this attack.

Zombie Lion File #2 See Zombie Lion See Zombie Lion. The Zombie Lion is more resilient but same basic strategy applies. When it leaps onto a nearby rooftop to recover, fire upon it to force it back down and finish the job before it can kill you.
Thanatos File #2 Bio ob ss10 l.jpg Before performing its attack, the Thanatos will take a moment to point out his potential victim. Then, he will quickly run them through with his clawed hand. A good strategy (aside from running, which is advisable in the first encounter) is to lead Thanatos to the nearby staircase, as he will rarely attack when going up stairs. Even when he's preparing to do his instant-kill, he can easily be knocked out of it through any heavy weapon or a potshot from a handgun. Overall, very manageable compared to others.

Mark can guard against this attack.

Zombie Elephant File #2 471176-10 super.jpg When running through the office, this mutated elephant can grab a player through a hole with its trunk and pull them out to prompty stomp them to death. There is only one way to actually avoid this, and that is to stay away from the holes it comes through. Once Zombie Elephant grabs you, there is no escape from this so that is the only strategy that needs mention.
Tyrant C File #2 Tyrant103cdt7ij9.jpg Much like the Tyrant R, the Tyrant C will begin to rotate its elastic arms around itself quickly, instantly killing anyone within range. This Tyrant should be handled like any other Tyrant - try to take it down with whatever heavy weaponry you have and avoid it at all costs. This variant is faster than the Tyrant R and can easily corner you, but it still gives you a moment to escape as it prepares its attack. This attack is easily capable of hitting all players at the same time.
Tyrant R File #2 Snapshot20090131213752.png Much like the Tyrant C, the Tyrant R will begin to rotate its large clawed hands around itself quickly, instantly slashing and killing anyone within range. This Tyrant should be handled like any other Tyrant - try to take it down with whatever heavy weaponry you have and avoid it at all costs. Thankfully this variant is not as fast as the Tyrant C and gives you a moment to escape as it prepares its attack. This attack is easily capable of hitting all players at the same time.
Del Lago Resident Evil 4 Del Lago - Leon fight 1.jpg This will only occur if the player goes out of their way to stand on the shore of where Del Lago rests and fire repeatedly into the water. The creature will leap out and snatch the player off the shore, devouring them. This is very easy to avoid... DON'T SHOOT THE WATER. Chances are you are doing this on purpose anyway, so a strategy is pointless.
Chainsaw Man Resident Evil 4
Chainsaw Man.png
Like all chainsaw counterparts, when Salvador gets in range, he will drive the chainsaw into the player's neck, pulling it through completely until the player is decapitated. The method of dealing with Chainsaw Man is the same as dealing with the Chainsaw Sisters. Although dangers to let him close, a shotgun blast should be sufficient in stunning him and knocking him off his feet. Just as with the Sisters, this will give you ample opportunity to load into him with whatever weaponry you see fit.
El Gigante (lava room) Resident Evil 4
If the player reaches to the center of the room whitout closing the trap door after one of the giants fell in the lava, the giant will grab the player and dive in the lava with him. After the player successfully traps one of the giants in the lava, regardless of killing the other or not, the player MUST stay away from the center of the room, until he closes the trap door.
Chainsaw Sisters Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw sisters.jpg Much like Chainsaw Man, these two female Ganado wield deadly chainsaws that are capable of decapitating the player when they get close enough. Like any creature that needs to get close, keep a distance. Although they aren't as easily stunned as regular Ganado, a well-placed shotgun blast will be enough to down them and give you a few free shots from a weapon of your choice.
Plaga (B) Resident Evil 4 Zealotplagas.png The Plaga commonly found in cultists and some Armadura, when they get close enough to the player, the open mouth of the parasite will promptly bite off their head. The Plaga aren't difficult to deal with unless you're cornered. Even though, throwing a flash grenade will immediately destroy the Plaga. Of course, it can be handled using any type of firearm (although attacking it with the knife is obviously not advisable), but a flash grenade will make all your problems go away.
Ramon Salazar Resident Evil 4 Salazar absorbed into Queen Plaga 2.jpg During the boss fight with Salazar, the newly formed head will turn sideways and swiftly snap out at the player, tearing them apart with its jaws. Staying away from the center of the upper area will help, damaging the tentacle on the side you're on to give you some space. The jaw will not be able to reach you there. The best strategy is to shoot the large, bulbous eye until the "body" of the creature opens up, revealing Salazar's real body. Hitting this with a rocket launcher will end the battle right away.
Chainsaw Majini Resident Evil 5 RE5 sawmaj close.png Another chainsaw enemy with the same trick up its sleeve. When he gets within range, he will perform one of two swings that will instantly cut open the player's throat. If standing directly behind him, he will swiftly turn and perform an instant kill as well. The same as dealing with the chainsaw enemies of Resident Evil 4, keeping a distance and moving quickly is vital. The enemy isn't very fast so it's very easy to pull off shots on them, aiming for the head to stun them. Making use of the environment (barrels and conductors) is also highly advisable.
Crocodile Resident Evil 5 80526-17-hd.jpg Walking through a marsh/water are littered with these highly-dangerous creatures. They only have one attack - a massive chomp that will drag a player underneath as they devour them. Crocodiles will take as much abuse as other very powerful enemies. The best thing to do is to run fast and run far to avoid them. Using grenades, a grenade launcher, or a magnum will be the best bet if you want to kill them just to get them out of your way... but running is just as effective.
Reaper Resident Evil 5 Reaper.jpg When the Reaper is close to a player, it will use its primary claws to grab them and hold them in place while using the secondaries to repeatedly impale the player. Easily one of the most difficult enemies to deal with, they are only vulnerable in a few glowing sacs on their body. Explosives and fire are ineffective, as are flash grenades, but flash rounds from the grenade launcher will expose its weakpoints, leaving it open to attack. Limbs can be destroyed but regenerate very quickly.
Uroboros Aheri Resident Evil 5 Aheri.jpg At some point during the battle with the Aheri, while using four tentacles, it will raise all four of them into the air. It will wait several moments before smashing them all down, instantly killing both players. There is only one way to avoid this devastating and rather annoying attack. Look for the tell-tale sign of the tentacles being raised into the air as they glow a bright red. The only thing you can do at this point is to focus on one tentacle and let loose on it with whatever you have to knock the boss out of this attack.
Albert Wesker (Uroboros) Resident Evil 5 Wesker-before-his-death.jpeg In his first transformation, he will pursue Chris and Sheva with spinning arms that will kill them upon contact. In his final form, he will create whirlwinds of tentacles that will instantly kill anyone in the center. The only way to avoid this in his first form is to go through the motions of what's required. The partner can shoot Wesker to slow him down until the players meet to face the final form. This is easily shown by Wesker roaring and slamming both hands into the ground prior to it. Although you can use a rocket launcher to end the battle quickly, only other way is to target the weak points on his chest and back.
Globster Revelations Globster.jpg When having the advantage of being underwater, a Globster will be able to kill a player also submerged in water by swallowing them. Obviously, the best thing to do is to avoid water where possible. The inside of their mouth is extremely vulnerable and also extremely exposed when they are moving or attacking.
Scagdead Revelations Resident-Evil-Revelations-12.jpg The creature will grab the player by the legs with its large jaws when they are close, then activate its buzzsaw and run it through the center of their body vertically. Keep your distance and aim for the humanoid head. This part of the creature takes extra damage from all attacks. Be wary of its traps that it sets out, resembling bear traps that will grab the player and hold them in place until they can escape. Like bear traps, they can be shot to be rendered harmless.
Wall Blister Revelations Wall blister.png This creature appears exclusively in the HD / Unveiled Edition of Revelations, it also appears exclusively in Infernal Mode and Raid Mode. Once grabbed by this player, it is impossible to break free and it will twist the player spine resulting in an instant death. It is best to shoot this creature with a highly powerful weapon immediately as it lands (since killing it is not possible when it didn't land/hatch yet). Otherwise it is best to completely avoid it by running away.
Ustanak Resident Evil 6 265537.jpg During a chase sequence, if the Ustanak catches up to either player, he will pick them up with his clawed hand and immediately crush their body. Other sequences may result in other similar end results. In these sequences, there is only one thing you can do - run. That is the entire purpose of these moments, run and do not stop. Stop even for a second can give the Ustanak the edge it might need to catch up to you.
Glasp Revelations 2
Grasp render.png
The Glasp will try to sneak up from in front of the player, and will break their spine and implant larvae.
Durga Revelations 2
The Durga will grab at the player with its claw and proceed to slam him/her to death.
Lucas Baker Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Mutant Lucas Baker render.jpg In his transformed state, at mid-range, Lucas will telegraph his instant kill attack by raising his right hand up, then thrust it forward, impaling the player. He can also chain his instant kill attack into his multi-hitting combo during the second phase of the fight when his chest weakspot is exposed  Lucas' instant kill attack can be blocked or deflected. If it is deflected, he will immediately be put into a stunned state, exposing his chest weakspot, allowing the player to deal additional damage with their weapons. 
Gator Resident Evil 7: Biohazard GatorDeathBite.png Gators will vigorously bite the player character's torso, causing them to get instantly killed. Avoid staying in the water for too much is the easiest way to avoid a Gator ambush. Always keep a Throwing Spear whenever one is blocking the way.
Giant Alligator Resident Evil 2 (2019) RE2make Alligator (7).jpg Only encountered in Leon's scenario. Failure to avoid its bite will cause the player to get chowed down, thus resulting on an instant death. Do not stay in one spot during the pursuit, always watch its movement once it tries to chow down the player.

(Final fight)

Resident Evil 2 (2019)
Resident-Evil-2-Remake-Gameplay-Part-5-2019-01-26-10-27-47.mp4 002602452-720x405(1).jpg
Only encountered in Leon´s scenario. In the final fight on the elevator, at some point during the fight it will charge an attack, if the attack hits, it will impale the player, killing them instantly. While charging the attack, hit him with a granade or a gun to cancel the attack. Alternatively, one can hide behind some debris which, if the tyrant ends up hitting instead, will also cancel the attack.
Hunter γ Resident Evil 3 (2020) RE3 Remake Hunter Y.jpeg Encountered at the Sewers part and the Underground Storage. It will lunge at the player character with its mouth wide open. Failure to avoid will cause the player character to be swallowed whole, resulting in an instant death. Always carry a flame rounds-equipped MGL Grenade Launcher to get prepared against a Hunter Gamma ambush as their skin are vulnerable to fire.
Baby Resident Evil Village Maxresdefault 2.jpg Only encountered in House Beneviento during a hallucination sequence. The Baby will stalk the player throughout the house until getting in the elevator that leads to the upper floor. Getting caught by the Baby results in an instant death where the character is devoured alive while the Baby disturbingly mutters "Yummy!". Run away as fast as you can and hide under the bed or closet to avoid getting caught by the Baby.

Avoidable Death Attacks

Creature Games Picture Description Escape
Ivy Resident Evil 2 (2019) RE2make Ivy.jpg Getting too close to an active ivy zombie will cause it to grab the player, where its maw will open and bite the player's head, killing them instantly. If grabbed, the player must use a defense item to break free of its hold. Failing the prompt or not having a defense item on hand will lead to instant death. Most ivy zombies appear at a distance and can be temporarily incapacitated with well-placed shots or killed outright with fire.
T-00 Resident Evil 2 (2019) T-00 REmake2.jpg If too close, the T-00 will grab the player with one hand and attempt to crush the player's skull, killing them instantly. If grabbed, the player must use a defense item to break free of its hold. Failing the prompt or not having a defense item on hand will lead to instant death. The player is generally fast enough to maintain a certain distance away from the T-00. Close quarters situations tend to occur when encountering other enemies at the same time or if the player is cornered.
William Birkin (G2) Resident Evil 2 (2019) G2 REmake2.jpg At some time, it will attempt to use its large bulky right arm to grab the player and attempts to throw the player off to their doom, resulting in an instant kill. If grabbed, the player must use a defense item to break free of its hold. Failing the prompt or not having a defense item on hand will lead to instant death. Make sure to keep away from it and incapacitate it by the destroying its eyeballs as fast as possible to end the confrontation.
William Birkin (G3) Resident Evil 2 (2019) G3 Remake2.jpg At some time, G3 will crouch before jumping towards the player for a grab attack. Failure in using a defense item will result in G3 using its sharp claws to maul the player, instantly killing them. Since this attack has a short preparation phase, it can be easily avoided by simply running away from the area G3 will land on. If grabbed, the player must a defense item to break free of its hold. Failing the prompt or not having a defense item on hand will lead to instant death.
Nemesis-T Type (First Form, No Launcher) Resident Evil 3 Resievil3nemesisscr 001-large.jpg When facing the Nemesis in its first form with no rocket launcher, it will pick the player up off the ground if knocked over and attempt to drive its spiked tentacle through their face. When picked up by the Nemesis creature, you can struggle to break yourself free from its grasp.
Hunter α Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil Hunter 1.jpg The Hunter will pounce onto the player, pinning them to the ground before it slashes at their throat. After being hit with the pounce, it is possible for the you to throw the Hunter off of you by struggling with it.
Bandersnatch Resident Evil CODE:Veronica 17378 resident-evil-code-veronica-x-chris-shooting-a-bandersnatch.jpg When a player is at a distance, the Bandersnatch will use its long elastic arm to grab their head. If they don't escape quickly enough, the creature will break their neck. Immediately when it grabs your head, begin to circulate the analog/directional pad or move back and forth to escape the Bandersnatch's grasp.
Crow Outbreak Crows.jpg When crossing the J's Bar rooftop and the wall of the Apple Inn, Crows will attempt to knock the player over. Pecking at you, they will knock them over and they will grab on to the ledge. If the crow strikes again, the player will fall to their death. To avoid this, you can tap the designated button to pull yourself back up onto the ledge before the crow can strike you again.
Wasp Outbreak
When crossing the wall in the emission tower (Decisions, Decisions scenario), one wasp will try to knock the player over, just like the crow. If the wasp strikes again, the player will fall to their death. To avoid this, you can tap the designated button to pull yourself back into the ledge before the wasp can strike you again.
Neptune Outbreak Full.jpg If a player is knocked into the water with Neptune, they must swim back to the pier or else it will come from under them to eat them. One could avoid trouble by not being knocked into the water but if you are, you can just as easily swim back to the pier to avoid being eaten.
Hunter γ Outbreak, File #2 REO HunterGamma ss.png When near a player in caution status, the Hunter will pick them up and put them in their mouth, chewing on them for a few moments before swallowing them whole. When being chewed, the player can be rescued by another player. Almost any attack will stun the Hunter and cause it to drop the player in its mouth.
Zombie Outbreak, File #2 Zomblove2 640w.jpg During certain scenarios, zombies will reach through windows to grab the player and pull them through to their death. Avoid the windows or, failing that, you can easily escape by struggling.
Alligator File #2 AlligatorFile2.jpg When on land, the alligator will grab on to the player's leg and attempt to throw them into the air to devour them. While in water, they will come up under the player to attempt to eat them. When the alligator grabs your leg, it is possible to escape by rotating the analog/directional pad or being saved by an ally by shooting the creature. The latter is the only way to save a player caught by the creature while in water.
Nyx File #2 Resident Evil Outbreak 2 - Nyx.jpg When the monster smashes its hand down on a player, it will engulf them and begin to rapidly infect them with the virus until dead. The only way to escape from this after it happens is the hopes that one of the other players will damage Nyx enough that it will spit you out.
Del Lago Resident Evil 4 Del Lago - Leon fight 1.jpg While fighting the Del Lago, it will often knock the player out of the boat. They are forced to swim back but if unsuccessful, Del Lago will swallow them whole. When knocked out of the boat, the only thing you can do is rapidly tap the designated button to swim back to the boat. However, if your health is low enough to a certain point you will not make it regardless so stay healed.
U-3 Resident Evil 4 U3 first bossfight 2.jpg If too close, the creature will grab the player's head with its tentacle arm. And sometimes, while running through the crates the creature will drop down on the player and drag them up to the ceiling. If successful on both situations, it will break the player's neck. Both attacks will have a prompt to evade but even if grabbed, you will be able to struggle to break free by rotating the analog stick.
Ricardo Irving Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5 Image 498.jpg Occasionally, the mutated Irving will open its gaping maw and bite down on part of the boat. If nearby, the player can be caught in its bite and killed. When this attack occurs, players will be prompted with a button press that will allow them to evade the incoming attack if necessary.
U-8 Resident Evil 5
340px-RE5 U8.png
While fighting this creature, it will use its scissor-like appendage to snap out and snip the player in half. When the U-8 attempts this attack, you will be given a prompt to dodge the incoming attack and avoid certain death.
Uroboros (Test Subject) Resident Evil 5
If too close to the creature, it will grab the player and attempt to assimilate them into its form, completely devouring them. When grabbed, you will be able to struggle or call for help from your partner character that can damage it to make it let you go.
Uroboros Mkono Resident Evil 5 Uroboros.png See Uroboros (Test Subject) See Uroboros (Test Subject)
Albert Wesker Resident Evil 5 Resident-evil-5-character-albert-wesker-500x312.png While fighting Wesker in his humanoid form in the melee prompt battle, he will end his combo by piercing the player through the chest with his arm. As with all of the attacks in his combo, this can be avoided by pressing the correct button prompt when necessary.
J'avo (Moth Wing) Resident Evil 6 MothWing.jpg When caught by a J'avo that is mutated into a moth body for legs, it will grab the player. If they do not escape in time, it will use a stinger to impale the player. If caught, simply move the analog back and forth to build up the meter to escape. It is best to avoid these types of mutations, stepping back when they rear back their upper bodies to grab you.

High-Damaging Attacks

Creature Games Picture Description Strategy
Cerberus Resident Evil (Remake) HI.jpg When the player is low on health, the Cerberus will sometimes perform this new attack. As they pounce on the player, their jaws immediately lock on their throat and tear it out. The most obvious aspect of this is don't stay in a low health status, trying to stay in Fine condition. Although a Cerberus can be taken down with a knife or handgun, sometimes it's best to just down it with a shotgun blast to give you an opportunity to finish it quickly before it can hurt you too badly.
Yawn Resident Evil/Resident Evil Weweqeqeq3d34r.png In the original game, Yawn will devour a weakened character. In the Resident Evil, the massive snake will constrict the player tightly until they die. In the first encounter, it is possible to try to avoid this serpent all together as you grab the necessary item and escape. Second round however is to the death. Regardless of when you face it, the strategy remains the same - keep away from its head and unload into it with the Grenade Launcher (Acid Rounds), Shotgun, or whatever you have.
Hunter α Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil Hunter 1.jpg A trademark move of the Hunter, it will leap at the player and slash across its throat with its claw, sometimes decapitating them. This will only occur when the player reaches a Caution level of health. The best bet is to handle a Hunter with a shotgun or any other heavy weapon that you have ammo for. Keeping it floored and keeping your health in Fine status will save you from this.
Licker Resident Evil 2 LickerRE2.jpg Much like the family of Hunter creatures, when a player is in Caution a Licker can leap at them and slash their throat with a clawed hand. Lickers are quick and agile, much like the Hunters but in a different manner in that they are low to the ground. The same basical strategy would still apply, however. A well-placed shotgun blast will do wonders and the best thing is to make sure your health stays in a Fine status.
Licker (Evolved) Resident Evil 2 Evlicker.jpg See Licker See Licker
Hunter β Resident Evil 3 Gfs 15080 2 185.jpg See Hunter α See Hunter α
Hunter γ Resident Evil 3 REO HunterGamma ss.png See Hunter α. This Hunter can also swallow a player whole while in the Caution status. See Hunter α
Hunter II Resident Evil CODE:Veronica HunterBig.jpg See Hunter α See Hunter α
Sweeper Resident Evil CODE:Veronica HunterSweeper.png See Hunter α See Hunter α
Stinger Resident Evil 0 Stinger1.JPG If the player is too close to the scorpion when low on health, they just might find themselves soon impaled by the creature's stinger. Although the boss hurts, it is simple - unload into its face with the Hunting Gun or whatever you happen to have handy. Make sure to have healing items present and be careful not to waste ammo when it's guarding itself. Keep in mind to keep away from it as it dies, as it will attempt one final highly-damaging attack. It might also be advisable to play as Billy for the battle.
Zombie Elephant File #2 471176-10 super.jpg Rearing back onto its hind legs briefly, the creature will use all of its weight to come down with the front two legs, stomping upon beneath them. The best strategy is to really not fight the elephant in the first place. It can be done by trapping the elephant inside its cage by using the blank tape on the tape machine above the cage to lure it back in, then run down and shut the doors behind it. Although it can escape again, you at least have a chance to get away before it does. Mark-type characters can block this attack interestingly.
Farfarello Revelations
See Hunter α See Hunter α. Keep in mind unlike others in the Hunter family, the Farfarello is able to utilize camouflage, making it an even trickier enemy to deal with.


This is worthy of mention as this is an extremely dangerous enemy. Although it does not cause an instant death per se, firing upon it will result in an immediate game over regardless.

Creature Games Picture Description Strategy
Forest Speyer (Zombie) Resident Evil (Remake) Snapshot20090216020327.png In the mode One Dangerous Zombie, Forest will appear strapped with grenades, pursuing the player through rooms. If fired upon, it is an instant game over for the player. The only thing to really do about this zombie is to avoid and evade him. Whatever you do, do not shoot him. Some creatures can knock him down while the player.pursuing without any consequences. Most notably, Crimson Heads.