This particular Majini, nicknamed "The Instigator", is encountered at the Public Assembly. He is best recognized by his trademark sunglasses and megaphone.

He stands atop the execution block, ordering the beheading of those captured while shouting through his megaphone. He was killed by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar after they interrupted the assembly. However, they would arrive too late, as BSAA informant Reynard Fisher would be his last victim.

After he and everybody else were infected with the Plagas parasite, he was convinced that the people of Kijuju must drive the "invaders" out of their home. He ordered the beheading of the outsiders, including BSAA members. In the following days, he continues to spread fiery speech to the growing mass of Majini, while at the same time ordering his men to execute more and more outsiders.

Jill Valentine and Josh Stone manage to kill three Instigator Majini while at the TRICELL Communication Facility.

He was briefly mentioned in one of Adam's blogs. In it, he starts a bar fight while on his tirade, which causes Adam and Allyson to flee the premises.

The Instigator seems to be able to absorb somewhat more damage than the average Town Majini. The exact reason for this ability is unknown. Other than his durability, he acts just like a regular town Majini, attempting to bludgeon Chris and Sheva with his megaphone, and doesn't pose much more of a threat. His body disintegrates after death. Occasionally, random Majini encountered in The Mercenaries minigame wield megaphones, just like the Instigator.

In The Mercenaries Reunion, the Instigator will make his appearance in the Public Assembly stage. He has a little more stamina than other Majinis, but when you damage him enough, he will mutate into a Duvalia.


Further notes Edit

  • The Instigator receives 20% less damage than regular town Majini.
  • In one of the first trailers for Resident Evil 5, the Instigator can be heard shouting in English, saying such things such as "Kijuju is our home!"

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