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The Instigator Majini (d.March 2009) was the leader of a terrorist movement based within the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. Through the use of Type 2 Plagas, he was able to recruit the civilian populace into his movement and initiate a pogrom against British settlers, immigrants and perceived race traitors. The Instigator projected a level of control over the Majini, who were typically docile between his rallies, and also had a presence on radio, with his speeches frequently discussing "Paradise", "Salvation", "Death" and "Judgement".[1] 


"Remember that... for those who obstruct the road to paradise, the end of the road is Jahannam!"
— Instigator Majini at Fisher's execution.

The Instigator rose as the leader of an Islamist movement centred in Kijuju, one of many terrorist groups formed across the country in the aftermath of the civil war. His group entered talks with Ricardo Irving, a bioweapons dealer linked to Tricell, and secured multiple cases of Type 2 Plagas over a number of weeks.[2] Majini would then abduct people off the streets and implant infant Plagas into their bodies to expand numbers.

The first known acts of violence committed by the Islamists and their Majini recruits took place at a bar frequented by British settlers and migrant workers, who he saw as both foreign invaders in Kijuju. On Friday 16 January, he and his men went to the bar and started a fight after making a number of racist remarks about them. The fight ended with the bar trashed, and the owner murdered.[3][4] Over the following week the Instigator's increasing army began murdering their enemies on his command. On Friday 23 January, the bodies were collected in sacks at the assembly plaza and set alight as he gave a speech on the "celebration of death" and their acts being "justice".[5]

The Instigator's rallies continued daily even into February, calling for violence on foreigners, and those under his command attacked a hotel frequented by foreigners. The guests were dragged out by the mob, and likely killed.[6] Between 7–13 February, the Majini constructed a platform at the plaza for his own use, and their celebration of death moved from the burning of victims to beheadings conducted by the mutant "Executioner Majini".[7] Soon the BSAA determined the presence of Irving in the city, an operation was underway to apprehend him in March. After alerting his followers to another rally, they brought with them Reynard Fisher, a BSAA spy, and he had him beheaded.[8] Immediately after this, he spotted two BSAA SOAs - Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar - watching from a nearby building and ordered the Majini to attack.[8] The Instigator then joined the fight with his executioner, and perished.

Desperate Escape

After his major role, the Instigator's skin is recycled in "Desperate Escape", where he can be killed three times at Tricell's dockyards. Doing so will grant the player the Shoot the Messenger achievement. He appears at the following locations:

  • The first one spawns at the first area once the Transport Area Key has been used and all enemies have been defeated.
  • The second one is located on top of a bridge before you get in to the elevator, use the cannon to end him.
  • The last one appears at the heliport zone. He will show up at the very end of the time limit.

Further notes

  • He can be seen on top of a building before meeting Reynard Fisher.
  • The Instigator seems to be able to absorb somewhat more damage than the average Town Majini. The exact reason for this ability is unknown. Other than his durability, he acts just like a regular town Majini, attempting to bludgeon Redfield and Alomar with his megaphone, and doesn't pose much more of a threat. His body disintegrates after death. Occasionally, random Majini encountered in The Mercenaries minigame wield megaphones, just like the Instigator.
  • In The Mercenaries Reunion, the Instigator will make his appearance in the Public Assembly stage. He has a little more stamina than other Majinis, but when you damage him enough, he will mutate into a Duvalia.
  • The Instigator receives 20% less damage than regular town Majini.
  • In one of the first trailers for Resident Evil 5, the Instigator can be heard shouting in English, saying such things such as "Kijuju is our home!"
  • A figurine can be unlocked after collecting 5 BSAA Emblems. It is bought for 500pts.



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