Intelligence Operations Manual is a help file in Resident Evil: Dead Aim.


Good morning, Bruce:
This time, your target is a former
executive of Umbrella named Morpheus.
This man has stolen the "t-virus" and
hijacked Umbrella's cruiser.
Your mission is to infiltrate the cruiser
and report the status immediately to
the Base of Strategic Forces.
We've prepared some equipment for you
to review. Good Luck.

Your standard equipment consists of a
handgun and some recovery items for
first-aid. However, you will find other
useful items during the mission.

Some of them are essential items
you will need to proceed like keys for locked
doors and special tools.
Also, by using the Sneak Move, you will be
able to locate items more easily.

Every time you receive damage,
your status will vary as follows:

View the Status Screen (Press the START
button) and keep your status
at FINE with the recovery items.

If you fight against two or more enemies
at close range, you will almost certainly
be damaged.
Therefore, if you are surrounded by
enemies, move quickly to keep enough
distance between you and them and then
target them.

In case you are cornered, use the "Escape
Button" to evade.

Your amount of ammo is limited.
Therefore, do not shoot more than is
necessary and always aim at the enemies
fatal spot.

Although the number of bullets you can
carry is limited, you can re-supply

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