For the 1998 version, see Interrogation Room A.

The Interrogation Room is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


This room is where the interrogation is performed on subjects, a big table is present on the center with tables around, and a big, one-way mirror is present on this room so the officers can watch the interrogation happening from the Observation Room. The words "Let me out" are also written on this mirror.

A phone can be seen hanging on the wall behind the table and next to the door is a tripod with a camera mounted on it, this is to supposedly record the interrogation process for future investigations.


The Key (Heart) from the Lovers Relief is needed in order to enter this room, inside it, past the table is the Bejeweled Box. Once the player tries to get out, a Licker will crash through the window, but this opens the way to the Observation Room.


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