"Large creatures are stomping over the horizon! Unload all your ammo to stop them in their tracks!"

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Invasion of the Huge Creatures (巨大クリーチャー襲来 Kyodai Kurīchā Shūrai?, lit. "Huge Creature Invasion") is a series of Raid Mode special events for Resident Evil: Revelations 2. In these events, huge versions of creatures featured in the game slowly walk toward the player selected character(s) on the coast near the ruins of Terragrigia. The enormous health of the creatures is shared between all players online, making their destruction a cooperative effort between all players on a given platform.

This event type is the only time where the Beach Stage from Resident Evil: Revelations is played, it's also the only event type where the player can unlock the Bloodied Gina costume.

Known Huge Creatures Edit

Creatures featuredEdit

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