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"Large creatures are stomping over the horizon! Unload all your ammo to stop them in their tracks!"
— RE.NET description

Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 25 was a community event in Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode. It was a continuation of the Huge Creatures series which pits player after player against a giant enemy. The event was scheduled to run from 1–30 April 2017.


This event featured the "Dreadnought".


Action Icon Reward
Score 100000 or more Anti-Recoil icon.jpg Anti-Recoil (Lv.2)
Score 1000000 or more Burst+ 2 icon.jpg Burst+ 2 (Lv.1)
Enemies defeated: 2 or more Long Range icon.jpg Long Range (Lv.6)
Score 10000000 or more Charge Shot A icon.jpg Charge Shot A (Lv.8)
Score 20000000 or more Greedy Killer icon.jpg Greedy Killer (Lv.8)
Score 30000000 or more Magnum Model 329 icon.jpg Magnum Model 329 [Short Range+] (Lv.100, Slot 6)
Witness the enemy's defeat Bloodied Gina icon.jpg Raid Character: Bloodied Gina


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