"Large creatures are stomping over the horizon! Unload all your ammo to stop them in their tracks!"
— RE.NET description

Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 8 was a community event in Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode. It was a continuation of the Huge Creatures series which pits player after player against a giant enemy. The event was scheduled to run from 1–30 November 2015. This event took place on the beach overlooking Terragrigia (as shown in Revelations).


This event featured three enemies, a trio of Rasklapanje named "Innsmouth"; "Dagon" and "Hydra". As was typical with the gametype, they were too far away to inflict damage on the players, but would receive damage from any weapon. They were defeated by a multitude of players scoring hits on them.


Anyone who earned more than 30,000,000 points won the main prize, "Magnum Python [Short Range+]". Common in this event series, witnessing the enemies' defeat unlocked the "Bloodied Gina" Raid Mode character.

Action Icon Reward
Score 100000 or more Frostbite icon Frostbite (Lv.3)
Score 1000000 or more Scatter icon Scatter (Lv.4)
Enemies defeated: 3 or more Final Shot icon Final Shot (Lv.6)
Score 10000000 or more Elite Killer icon Elite Killer (Lv.7)
Score 30000000 or more Ice Ammo icon Ice Ammo (Lv.8)
Score 50000000 or more Firebolt icon MP-AF [Short Range+] (Lv.100, Slot 6)
Witness the enemy's defeat Bloodied Gina icon Raid Character: Bloodied Gina


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