RE6 Inventory

The inventory is a mechanic in Resident Evil 6.


The inventory in Resident Evil 6 is slightly different to others as not only is it opened in real time, but the player can also still move around whilst it's open.

There is a limit to how much the player can carry, however this is not explicitly stated and doesn't apply to weapons as there will always be enough room in a campaign for all the available weapons. However, items such as grenades and first aid sprays stack up to five on one slot, ammo up to 50 and herbs take up one slot each, however these can be combined to take up less room, or stored as Health Tablets, which have no maximum limit.


The following are the default inputs in Resident Evil 6:

PlayStation 3/4 Xbox 360/ONE PC
Open/Close Item Menu Triangle Y E
Weapon Switch Left and right on the D Pad Left and right on the D Pad Mouse wheel up and down
Item Switch Up and down on D pad Up and down on D pad Ctrl + Mouse wheel
Select Item to Drop/Give Square X E



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