The Inventory is a mechanic in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The following are the default inputs in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard:

PlayStation 4 XBOX ONE PC
Open/close menu Tab
Select item F
Move item LMB + Drag
Switch menu Q/E


The inventory acts similarly to how it does in past Resident Evil titles, with very limited amounts of space that a player can contain items in.

Inventory is accessed in real-time and does not pause game-play and consists of two menus, "Items" and "Combine". During any times the player character has the Genome Codex, the character will bring it into view to clearly display the player's health condition.

The Item menu is where the player's items are stored. The player can store many types of items, key items, weapons, consumables, healing items, ammunition and Skills, but due to the limited space, management is a must, unless the player decides to deposit items inside of the Item Box. The top row is prioritized to weapons when the player picks them up or takes them from an Item Box. The top four slots act as a hot key map for switching weapons during gameplay. When selecting items, the player has the option to Use, Examine, Combine, and Discard, with some options not available to certain items.

During the main game, the Item menu will start off as 3x4 grid for storing items. The player can expand their item space by a row of 4 slots by picking up Backpacks. Other game modes have set item space sizes and can not be expanded.

The Combine menu produces the same results as using the combine option from the Item, but instead of selecting the two items, the Combine menu has the player select the result. During the main game, once the player finds items that can be combined, the game will prompt them to try it.


The player can find a separate inventory for combining items with Chem Fluid or Strong Chem Fluid to create ammunition, healing items or Psychostimulants.

Ingredients Herb Gun Powder Solid Fuel Supplements
Chem Fluid First Aid Spray Handgun Ammo (10) Burner Fuel (100) Psychostimulants
Strong Chem Fluid Strong First Aid Med Enhanced Handgun Ammo (10) Flame Round (2) Neuro Round (2)

Item stacksEdit

Most health, ammunition, and crafting items can stack more than one of themselves within a single inventory space. Below is how many of each will stack before taking up another inventory space. Antique Coins and Cassette Tapes will stack with no limit.

Item Stack
Handgun Ammo 30
Enhanced Handgun Ammo 20
Shotgun Shells 30
Machine Gun Ammo 300
Burner Fuel 500
44 MAG Ammo 20
Flame Round 5
Neuro Round 5
Remote Bomb 20
Gunpowder 10
Solid Fuel 5
Herb 5
Supplements 5
First Aid Med 3
Strong First Aid Med 3
Psychostimulants 5



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