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Though invisible, enemies can be seen via their reflections, such as the zombie in the puddle to the right of Jill Valentine (dressed in her "Army" costume).

"Invisible Enemy" mode is a feature in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil and its HD remaster. It is unlocked after completing Real Survival or completing the game on Normal or Hard difficulty with both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. While playing the mode, all enemies are, as the name suggests, invisible. Completing the mode in under five hours unlocks a congratulatory bonus image, a message from the director, and concepts of unused costumes (see below).[1]

The concept was the brainchild of director Shinji Mikami, who thought up the mode as a challenging way to force players into changing their strategy, as well as establishing a more horror-esque environment where the gift of vision does not help.[2]

This mode also appears in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in a similar manner.


All enemies are completely invisible in this mode and are only briefly visible when attacking. Some enemies can be seen in other ways, however: Yawn, for example, leaves a large trail of dust as it moves along, and others may kick up water when running through puddles. Zombies can be seen through reflective surfaces, such as the mirrors present in the Mirror corridor and Costume room, and the puddles in the hallway of the laboratory. Defensive items such as the dagger will stay visibly lodged inside enemies, giving players a point of reference as to where they are until the enemy is killed or reset (by leaving and returning to the area).

Like in Real Survival mode, auto-aim does not work, so players can't rely on it to locate enemies (otherwise the character would look in the direction of the nearest enemy when aiming). It may be preferable to play as Chris Redfield, as he has 1400 HP when compared to Jill Valentine's 960 and has more access to health replenishment via Rebecca Chambers, but he does have to contend with slightly more enemies.


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Completing the mode in under five hours unlocks the following. These can only be viewed following the credits after completing the mode and cannot be accessed again from the main menu, so it is advised that players make a save prior to reaching the helipad and ending the game should they want to view these in-game again. Completing the game in under five hours is not difficult if the player has memorized most general enemy locations and uses defensive items wisely, and if the game is set to Easy difficulty in the 2002 version or Very Easy difficulty in the 2015 HD remaster.

Congratulatory bonus image

The bonus image consists of a photo of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. A clapper can be seen in the foreground, Chris is wearing Jill's beret, and "Congratulations!!" is written with lipstick along the top and is punctuated with a kiss. The photo is dated July 24, 1998 – the date of the Mansion Incident.

Message from our director

Thank you for taking the time to play all the way through 'biohazard' (Resident Evil). If you're reading this letter, I salute you! You are truly a remarkable player! I imagine you must have had some pretty memorable experiences along the way!

The pain of seeing the "Game Over" screen time after time... The sweet taste of victory after you finally beat the game... The feelings of camaraderie you shared with your character... The excitement... and the overwhelming sense of dread.

We believe that games are more than just the product of a team of developers. It takes the support of dedicated players like you to make a game worthwhile.

For this reason we are truly delighted when someone enjoys one of our games as thoroughly as you have.

Therefore, on behalf of the entire staff, please allow me to express our gratitude and congratulate you on a job well done!

Thank you very much for playing!

Shinji Mikami

Dev Team Representative

Unused costume change designs

Further notes



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