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"A pipe made of iron"
— Item description

The Iron Pipe is a melee weapon that appears in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is a severed or spare iron pipe that can be used to engage in melee combat with enemies.


It is one of the most common melee weapons in Outbreak, dealing good damage and can occasionally send zombies flying. After 10 hits, it will turn into a Bent Iron Pipe.

  • Mark Wilkins has the ability to perform a Big Swing with this weapon, dishing out huge damage with it.
  • Jim Chapman can swing this weapon 3 times in a row before getting tired.
  • David can combine the Iron Pipe and the Concrete Piece with some of his vinyl tape to make a Hammer. (A successful creation consumes 1 tape inside David's Tool Belt).
  • David can also combine the Iron Pipe with Battery to create a Stun Rod
  • It is a swinging weapon, meaning its attacks are faster than thrusting weapons like the Scrub Brush. However its swing can accidentally hit walls, cancelling the attack.