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For the ORC depiction, see Carole Sindermann.

This unnamed man[notes 1] was the personal secretary to Police Chief Brian Irons.


This man joined the RPD as Irons' secretary in February 1998 and, after two months under the man, became increasingly-concerned about his relationship with Irons, who was becoming ever-increasingly aggressive. At one point in April, Irons bellowed at his secretary for having inadvertently moved a statue in the west wing; he was, of course, unaware as to its role as a locking mechanism. Later, he began to question how Irons' meagre salary could allow him to afford the various works of art he routinely purchased, which he estimated at costing millions, perhaps tens of millions.[notes 2] He later witnessed Irons bringing back a painting of a nude woman being hung from a tree, which, alongside Irons leering perversely at the painting, greatly disturbed him.[1][notes 3] Later, the secretary stumbled onto Irons' secret- likely his payments from William and Annette Birkin- and became increasingly-worried as to Irons' reaction were he to ever find out, fearing his own life.[2]

What happened to the secretary after discovering that Irons was receiving bribes is uncertain, nor how he disappeared in the same month without a trace. However, given the psychotic nature of the police chief and his ability to cover up his criminal actions, it is likely that he killed the secretary.


  1. While the English localization of Resident Evil 2 left it ambiguous as to the gender of the secretary, the use of gender-indicative wording in the Japanese version suggests a male figure.
  2. The localization states that the cost of the art was believed to be literally "hundreds of thousands of dollars". However, the phrase in the Japanese script - 何百万、何千万も (Nan hyaku man, nan sen man mo?) - instead indicates the secretary's evaluation as being in the tens of millions.
  3. The localization leaves it ambiguous as to the gender of the subject in the painting. However, the Japanese script makes very clear that the subject in the painting was female, alluding to Irons' past violence against women.
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