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"IronsReport COP" was an online file written as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign advertising Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


This report classified - CONFIDENTIAL-

Prepared by

In our Operations meeting of last year, several members raised concerns abut Brian Irons, the Chief of
Police in Raccoon City. Chief Irons has been a 'friend' of Umbrella for several years now, acting as
a go-between, and somebody who helps us to go about our business relatively easily.

However, as time has moved on, Irons' behavior has become increasingly erratic and showy, arousing
suspicions amongst his co-workers, other Raccoon City powers and indeed Raccoon City residents that
he is a dirty cop.

Our concern was that the Chief's behavior would prompt investigation from the authorities. This seems
to be the case already as his conduct whilst on duty has recently come under some considerably scrutiny
from within his own department. His secretary has recently filed an official grievance against him relating
to abusive behavior and the stockpiling of expensive works of art throughout the Raccoon Police Station.

This situation has since been resolved to the satisfaction of the authorities, but it is our recommendation
that we begin to take steps to remove Irons from our operations before he becomes a liability to our work
in and around Raccoon, and more importantly, before one of his outbursts results in a connection being
made between Umbrella Corporation and Irons.

However, we must be cautious. Irons has been in our employ for the last five years, and during this time,
be association, has been privy to some of our more delicate initiatives. We cannot simply cut ties with
Irons and risk that he reveals some of the more controversial projects we have been conducting in the area.

The situation is of course exacerbated by the fact that he is the Chief of Police, and therefore, despite his
recent attitude, as the respect and support of the locale populace and authorities.

We cannot attempt to discredit him by bringing his past out into the open again as he was found innocent of
both charges - even though Irons has since admitted that he perpetrated both crimes. We also of course can't
reveal that he is corrupt without revealing our own role in his activities.

One thing is certain however: we can't simply sit back and hope that Irons continues to play ball. We must
assume that his recent conspicuous and borderline psychopathic behavior will continue. We believe that the
power he now wields, both officially through his position and unofficially through Umbrella, has driven him
to believe he is untouchable. Who knows what he will say, and to whom?

This is the reason we need to take action - and this needs to be the most extreme action. Our recommendation
is that we monitor the situation carefully and if an opportunity arises to put things right, we take it.

Of course, any action we take will need to ensure a clean separation, with no loose ends leading back
to Umbrella.