An "irregular mutant" is a creature that has been mutated by exposure to a mutagenic virus or parasite, but which was not an intentional creation of a Bio-Organic Weapon project.[1] There are three distinct types of irregular mutation that have been documented throughout the various outbreaks.

The first type of irregular mutant is a creature birthed from a secondary viral infection. These are the most common types of irregular mutant, as they are widely encountered in any outbreak of the T-virus or its derivatives. An example of this is the zombie elephant, an infected elephant; it was not infected as an experimental B.O.W., but instead inadvertently as a consequence of the biohazard outbreak in Raccoon City.

The second type of irregular mutant is a human which has been exposed to the t-Virus or its variants and transformed into something other than the standard Zombie. Whilst they share some surface similarities with the Tyrant B.O.W strain, these people are not considered B.O.Ws, as their infection was not an official marketing project, even if they deliberately infected themselves.

The final type consists of a deviation in intended genetics from a standard B.O.W. plan. An example of this category is the Glimmers, who were inadvertently created through an unintended mutation within Umbrella's Hunter B.O.W. line. This is the rarest kind of irregular mutant, as most B.O.W deviants are destroyed before they can be encountered by non-researchers.

Secondary Infection Creatures

B.O.W Mutations

Human Mutations


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