Irving's Great Escape is a cutscene in Chapter 2-2 of Resident Evil 5.


Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar find Irving within the quarry, as expected, but an unidentified woman saves him. However, two BSAA agents spotted the oil field in the marshlands.


Chris: "Freeze!"

Irving: "Oh shit!"

Sheva: "So you must be Irving?"

Irving: "Wow, perceptive, aren't 'cha?"

Sheva: "You think this is a joke? You're just like all the other pieces of scum terrorists."

Irving: "Oh I'm not like them! I'm a businessman with standards."

Chris: "Drop the weapon."

Irving: " 'bout you drop yours."

Jill: "Hurry!"

Irving: "Suckers!"

Chris: "Shit!

Sheva: "Looks like Irving has a partner."

Chris: "There must be something here he didn't want us to see."

Sheva: "What is it?"

Chris: "Look at this."

Sheva: "The oil field...that's in the marshlands!"

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