Isao Ōishi (大石 勲 Ōishi Isao?), otherwise spelt "Oishi" or "Ohishi", is a game designer who worked for Capcom in the 1990s. A character designer for both Resident Evil[1] and Resident Evil 2,[2] he is cited as the creator of the latter's cast (with Hideki Kamiya being responsible for their character traits).[3]


In the development of Resident Evil, Ōishi created a cybernetically-enhanced main cast of four (Chris, the protagonist, with Jill; Gelzer and Dewey) investigating a mysterious mansion inhabited by a rogue scientist. Following the addition of Kenichi Iwao to the project as the scenario writer, these characters were redesigned as a police force with military experience. Supporting characters Gelzer and Dewey were then removed completely, with Albert Wesker and Barry Burton later being added to the cast as an "Alpha Team" investigating the disappearance of a "Bravo Team", which included a new member of the main cast, Rebecca Chambers.

Following the success of Resident Evil, Ōishi was moved to Resident Evil 2, under the direction of Hideki Kamiya. For the game he created a larger cast of characters than was in the first game, envisioning a cast of at least ten on-screen characters (excluding FMV-only characters). When game development was restarted in early 1997, Ōishi was tasked with developing new characters and designs. Ultimately the cast was about the same size, but with the character "Roy" being removed completely followed by the addition of "Ben". His Elza Walker character was re-designed as Claire Redfield to provide a link to the original game.



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