The antechamber (控えの間 Hikae no ma?)[1] is an area on the island. The antechamber is visited at the end of Chapter 5-2.


The antechamber is built near the long, twisting road. Leon and Ashley inadvertently discover this room after their bulldozer crashes through the wall. The antechamber itself is split into two rooms.


In the main game, nothing can be found in the first room. In the second room, a 5000 Pts chest can be found on the near-left corner; the Green Stone of Judgement in a duralumin case on the near-right. A randomised item is in the far-left corner. The Merchant stands on the far-right corner.

In Separate Ways, a Yellow Herb can be found in the first room, in corner to the left of the door. In the chest's place is now a hand grenade. The incendiary grenade is now three crosbsow darts. The Green Stone has been replaced with the Red Stone of Faith. The randomized item is still in the same place.[2]


Main Game

Location Action Localization Original script
The bulldozer CHECK This thing's totaled. It's not gonna run anymore.
Location Action Localization Original script
The bulldozer CHECK The bulldozer is broken. Must be Leon's handiwork.




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