The culture room[1][note 1] is a room in Los Iluminados' island complex. It is the first room an Iron Maiden appears in.


The culture room is where the Plaga research team grew and store tissue samples.


The Storage Room Card Key can be found in the possession of an Iron Maiden, which spawns behind a door on the far side of the room.


Location Action Localization Original script
Main game
The table near the Infirmary door CHECK Just look at all these lab instruments.
The petri dishes CHECK What are they growing in these petri dishes?
The large tubes CHECK The ones here are larger and more grotesque.
The skinny tubes CHECK This looks like living tissue. But from what...?
Assignment Ada
Location Action Localization Original script
The locked doors after the alarm goes off CHECK (locked door sound) It's locked. There has to be a security system for unlocking the doors.
The security control CHECK It's a security control panel. Operate? (Choice: Yes / No)




  1. Culture room (培養室 Baiyō-shitsu?) - also translates as "culture chamber" and "incubation room"
  1. Hamamura (ed). Kaitaishinsho. p.322.
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