The doctors' office (医務室 Imu-shitsu?)[1] was a research room, and part of the wider island complex build by Los Iluminados.


The doctors' office would have been used by the Plaga development team. A whiteboard displaying formulae is in the room, as are roentgenographs of research subjects. To aid the researchers, the room also contains cabinets for file storage and there is a small library on the bottom level.


Item guide

A Shotgun Shell can be found inside an open locker downstairs toward the Culture room. There is a typewriter and a green herb not far from door to the Culture room.

Enemy guide

Enemies A-F spawn when the player first enters the room. Enemies G-L spawn after the Storage Room Card Key has been recovered.

Enemy Weapon HP Spawning point
A Stunrod 1300 In front of the whiteboard (right)
B Stunrod 1500 Left of the whiteboard
C Bowgun 1000 Behind the whiteboard (right)
D Shield 1000 Behind the whiteboard (left)
E Stunrod 1000 Bottom of the stairs
F Flail 1000 Behind the staircase
G Flail 1000 Next to the confinement room door
H Stunrod 1000 At the X-ray photos
I Axe 1000 At the X-ray photos
J Bowgun 1000 Top of the stairs
K Bowgun 1000 Top of the stairs
L Bowgun 1000 Top of the stairs

Assigment: Ada

In Assignment: Ada, a Gatling Man is encounter here.


Main game
Location Action Localization Original script
The screens CHECK What are these X-Rays showing?
Assignment Ada
Location Action Localization Original script
The door at bottom of the stairs OPEN (locked door sound) It's locked.




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