The Freezer room (冷凍室 Reitō-shitsu?)[1] is a room located at the Island where bio-weapons are placed in cold storage. If the Infrared Scope is obtained, one of the Regeneradores will thaw out and attack.


It appears to be a freezer room filled with dead subjects. Some bodies of dead Regeneradores can be seen hanging around.


When the refrigeration unit is deactivated and the infrared scope obtained, the door will automatically lock and a Regenerador will awaken. The room will unlock only under either of two conditions:

  1. The Regenerador has been defeated;
  2. The player has avoided the Regenerador for 60 seconds.[2][excerpt 1]

If the player already owns the Infrared Scope, the door will automatically lock itself and the Regenerador will be awakened and attack the player. The Waste Disposal Card Key can be obtained upon rewriting the Freezer Card Key on a machine.

Assignment Ada

One of the five plaga samples can be obtained here at the same place where the Infrared scope was in the main game.


Location Action Localization Original script
The body with the parasite on it CHECK These bodies must have been cryogenized with the parasites still in their bodies. Sucks to be them...
The cabinet while it is frozen CHECK It's completely frozen and won't open.
The card machine CHECK This must be a card key rewriter. Maybe I can rewrite the data on my card key and turn it into another card key.
The controls OPERATE (view machine) It's some kind of cryogenic device. Turn it off? (Choice: Yes / No)
The exit while it is locked OPEN (locked door sound) It won't open. A system error? Just great... I really hope it's temporary.




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    サーモスコープを取ると…… サーモスコープを入手すると、リヘナラドールが出現すると同時に、部屋の出口がロックされる。 以降は、下記の条件のどちらかを満たすまで冷凍室から出られなくなるので注意。
    A・ リヘナラドールを倒す
    B ・リヘナラドールが出現してから1分が経過する
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