The kitchen (厨房 Chūbō?) is an area of the island.


It houses the food for the Combatants. There are cans and jars along with some rottens meats inside the kitchen.


It is in this room that Leon encounters an overzealous combatant who had stored himself within an oven, ready to give up his own life to kill Leon. Thought Leon have no idea why he was inside the oven in the first place.


Location Action Localization Original script
The door stairs hallway OPEN (locked door sound) It won't budge! It's gotta be locked from the other side.
The food cans CHECK Cans and jars; all nonperishables... Reminds me of the days of O.R.E.
The hanging meat CHECK This meat's rotten... But I sure could use a fat juicy steak right about now.
The oven CHECK What was he doing in here?
The sinks CHECK Man it's dirty.




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