The Monitor room (モニター室 Monitā-shitsu?) is an area in Resident Evil 4. This is where Saddler's ganado militants storage food and other supplies. Player must go through the Kitchen before going to this location. A ganado militia armed with protective vest and a huge hammer will also be present here.


There are many, what appears to be, wine bottles which are placed on shelves. Pallets that contain some kind of unknown material are set at wall corners. On ceiling, windows and cured meat can be seen. There are two wooden barrels, chairs, one table with cans, heaters as well.


Once player enters the area, two soldiers with massive mauls and steel armor will attack Leon, while crossbow archer gives support. The Red Stone of Faith (which can be set in Golden Lynx) can be found in duralumin case at one of the wall corners when player goes down the stairs.


Location Action Localization Original script
The monitors CHECK They've turned off the camera.
Table CHECK What in the world were they eating here?


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