The Operating theatre (手術室?)[1] is a small chamber within the Island. It is where Leon will first encounter a Regenerador.


Research equipment can be seen inside the operating theatre. A human subject appears to be dead which indicated an experiment occur here.


The Freezer Card Key is held by a corpse inside an experiment room (implied to have been eaten by a Regenerador), while the room can be access by operating the door security system. A TMP ammo can be found lying on the floor.

Puzzle Content

Non-optional puzzle

A console with different colored arrows locks the door to the room with the Freezer Card Key in it. Selecting a color causes the selected color arrows to rotate once, and starting from the upper left corner, the light track must make it down to the lower right corner. There are no hints on how to complete this puzzle in game, it is a trial and error affiar.

SOLUTION SPOILERS: Rotate Blue once, green twice, and red three times to solve this puzzle.


Location Action Localization Original script
The equipment CHECK It's some kind of research equipment. I wonder what it's used for?
The window of the autopsy room CHECK Looks like they were conducting some sort of autopsy.
The door to the autopsy room. CHECK It's locked. Something inside the room must be blocking the door.
Door to operating room CHECK It's locked.
The panel next to the door CHECK This must be the door's security system. Operate? (Choice: Yes / No)
The operating table CHECK What the...? What kinds of experiments are going on around here?
The corpse on the floor CHECK (view corpse, pick up Freezer Card Key.)




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