The prison (監獄 Kangoku?)[1] otherwise known as the "Penitentiary",[2][note 1] is an area of the island used to sealing dissidents.


The prison is an area where dissidents are kept. It leads to the outside passage.


This area was first explored by Ada Wong who encounter a Regenerador before heading to the outside passage.

When Leon S. Kennedy explored this part of the Island, he can find a typewriter. he found a Regenerador being stored in this room, as well as a bizarre, mysterious white bag shaking around a dumpster.


Main game
Location Action Localization Original script
The mysterious white bag after "killing" it CHECK What the hell is this thing...?
Separate Ways
Location Action Localization Original script
The door back to the Old facility entrance OPEN I have to hurry.
The mysterious white bag CHECK (view bag begin to move then lid closing) How disgusting! No way I'm touching that.
The dumpster with the white bag after closing it CHECK No way I'm touching that!
The regenerador's corpse CHECK This dead body is sickening... Especially the mouth. I can't look at it any longer.




  1. While 監獄 (Kangoku?) can be translated as both "prison" and "penitentiary", the existence of the latter as a more-comfortable euphemism makes "Prison" a more preferred statement
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