Wharf A (埠頭A Futō A?) is the first area of the island and the starting location of Assignment Ada . Leon will receive a transmission from Saddler before progressing the location. The Gatling Man is introduced here as the new enemy of this chapter. Upon reaching a small base, a ganado militia can be seen carrying Ashley on his back before a door will closed down.


There are two reflector rotators and a few crates inside the base.


In order to open the door, Leon must active and rearrange the laser beam position using the reflector rotates straight toward the door. Once done, the door will be open. Two ganado militia will also attempt to attack Leon by throwing him a huge boulder, though it can be dodged.


Location Action Localization Original script
The closed double door CHECK (view laser activating)
The door after lasers activate CHECK It won't open.
The laser CHECK (view laser) A beam of red light is emitting from this laser device.
The red panel without the laser CHECK It looks like a senor window...
The mirrors CHECK Looks like this reflector rotates. Rotate? (Choice: Yes / No)




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