Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The island culture (tentative) was an archaeological culture which existed on a Spanish island.

Cultural practices

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An example of cave paintings

The islanders are known to have practiced cave art. This can be seen in a cave at Wharf B, where paintings of executions were made in a special room dedicated to it. The islanders also at some point practiced mosaic artwork. This can be seen in the Ruins. The symbol of Los Iluminados above the cave paintings suggests the religion itself is very old and was involved in this ancient culture.

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A special relief depicting the three sacred animals.

This culture also saw certain animals as sacred. Black panthers; snakes and eagles were all important to their culture in some way.


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A top-down view of a site.

A large archaeological site was present on the island until it was destroyed by Jack Krauser in 2004. It consisted of a number of buildings, with a multi-level fortress separated from the other buildings by a trench. Iron bars were by then inserted into the fortress windows. The Los Iluminados cult had also built a door to one of their facilities just against the ruins.


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