It's Always Something is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 2 of the Jake Story.


Just as they were about to set off towards the rendezvous, they were once again attacked by a group of J'avo. As Jake and Sherry fought them off, the Ustanak reappeared from the cavern exit and sent Sherry spinning through the air, knocking her unconscious, before knocking Jake to the floor. The Ustanak pinned Jake to the ground using his foot, and as Jake looked up, he saw the woman in blue dress who infected the rest of his comrades, walking towards him. She reveals to Jake about his parentage that he is the son of Albert Wesker and tells him how he is "colossal imbecile" had tried, and failed, to destroy the world. She then start to think to study on his blood and gave the order to the Ustanak to stomp on Jake, knocking him unconscious.


Sherry: "That's the rendezvous."
Jake: "About damn time. Come on, super girl."
"You know, those shots of yours pack one hell of a punch, lady."
Carla: "So, you're Wesker Junior."
Jake: "Wesker? You lost me."
Carla: "Albert Wesker was a colossal imbecile, a fool who tried to destroy the world. He was also your father."
"Which makes you heir to a very special blood type."

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