The Item Box is a storage unit scattered throughout Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Main game

The Item Box functions near identically to the item boxes of previous Resident Evil titles, more specifically the earlier games. They are almost always accompanied with the tape recorders and are often found in save areas. They are used to store items from the player's Inventory, such as weapons, key items, healing items and combination items, and to pick them up later even at different boxes. Unlike the past titles, however, the Item Box does not allow the player to put their items anywhere; instead, freshly deposited items will be put at the bottom of the box and the item boxes also have a "Place one" or "Withdraw one" option, where instead of depositing or withdrawing a full stack of a certain item, the player can choose to deposit or withdraw one item from the stack.

Unlockable item from completing the main game will spawn in the player's item box and if they discarded from the player's inventory, they will respawn in the item box. DLC items and the Dirty Coin also are added when unlocked.

Getting a game over at certain boss fights and choosing to try again will bring up a menu where players can access their Item Box despite not having been at one at their last save point. During the Wrecked Ship portion of the game when the player controls Mia instead of Ethan, the item box will not be "linked" and instead only have unlocked items. After the player returns to controlling Ethan, all of Mia's items from her inventory and itembox will be added to Ethan's itembox.

The Eveline Tissue Samples and E-Necrotoxin items can not be stored.

Jack's 55th Birthday

The Item Box in the Jack's 55th Birthday DLC does not act like a normal item box. Instead, all weapons, ammunition and healing items are predetermined depending on the stage that you pick. However, item boxes here will also store abilities that the player can unlock throughout the mini-game itself, too.


Below are the locations of the Item Boxes in the main game, in order of when they appear:

Item Box Map/Room General location
Main House 1F/Laundry Room
Main House 1F Near basement stairs
Yard Zoe's trailer
Old House 1F Northwest of Gallery
Testing Area 1F Near Party Room
Testing Area 2F Southwest of Barn
Testing Area 1F/Monitoring Room
Boat House 1F Near Storage
Ship 2F/Guest Room

Wrecked Ship 2F/Guest Room

Swamp/Mine Office
Salt Mine/Office


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