Item Management is a sub-screen in Resident Evil 5 where players can manage their equipment and buy & sell items to prepare for campaign.


The Item Management screen is selectable form the "Play Game" menu and players are taken to it before starting, continuing, and when restarting a chapter of the campaign. Upon starting a new profile, it is not selectable from the Play Game menu until the player starts the campaign.

The three options in the menu are "Organize", "Buy", and "Ready". When the single or both players have selected "Ready", the game will continue to the campaign.


Selecting the "Organize" option brings up a screen with the player's inventory and item archive which consists of a "Inventory" menu that has the player's stocked items and a "Treasures" menu that shows their treasures.

In the Inventory menu and from the character menu, players can move between their character, archive, and partner AI or player, but not weapons if it is another player, sell items for money, examine or upgrade a weapon.

When a weapon is sold, the loaded ammunition is kept. The examine brings up a screen showing the item and a description of it. Upgrades must be bought and are gradually made available as the player completes chapters of the campaign.

In the Treasures menu, players can sell individual treasures, sell all at once, and examine them as long as the player has obtained one of that treasure before.

While player as Chris, the cursor will be green, and as Sheva, it will be purple. Unlike the player's character inventory, ammunition, grenades, and healing items will stack to 999 before taking up another space of inventory in the archive.


The following table lists items in the order they are listed in-game. Weapons that can be found during the chapter are marked with a (*) and are only added to the list if the player picks them up, otherwise they are added when that chapter is completed.

Item name Chapter added Price
M92F (HG) Chapter 1-1 ₦1,000


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