Ithaca (イサカ?) is a file on BSAA Remote Desktop.


Ithaca Management Code 0412M37

 Caliber: 12 Gauge
 Behavior: Pump-action
 Magazine: Tube type
 Weight: 2300g

[Corresponding equipment]
 It's compatible with all equipments.
 ※ You need to apply for additional equipment to carry shotshells

 The lightest in the supplied shotguns, there's an available shorter type too. Ammunition is easy to obtain in each region.

イサカ 管理コード 0412M37

     口径: 12番
     動作: ポンプアクション
     弾倉: チューブ式
     重量: 2300g

     ※ ショットシェル携行追加装備の申請が必要



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