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Ithaca M37

Found in Chapter 1-2 of RE5, the "Old building key" is needed, which Sheva can find using Assist Jump on the second broken ladder. You can obtain it before the cutscene with Allyson. The Ithaca M37 is the first shotgun made available to players, and is based on the M37 Ithaca Stakeout.

The Ithaca M37 is a pistol-grip, pump-action shotgun with a base firepower of 200, reload speed of 3.00 seconds, starting capacity of 6, and critical value of 0. Fully upgraded it has a firepower of 400, reload speed of 2.40 seconds, capacity of 25, and critical value of 1. This shotgun has a critical value as opposed to a attack range value.

It is arguably better than a fully upgraded M3, as a fully upgraded Ithaca surpasses in reload speed, total capacity, and critical value. The M3 beats it with a firepower of 900 and its slightly more accurate. The only real disadvantage to the Ithaca 37 is it's lack of a stock, which limits it's accuracy.

Like the other weapons that are the first of their kind encountered by the player, fully upgrading the Ithaca unlocks a new weapon, in this case the Hydra triple barrel shotgun.
This weapon will be used by Chris Redfield in Marvel vs Capcom 3 in one of his attacks

Note of Trivia: While the Ithaca 37 ejects shells downwards in real life, the in-game variant ejects spent shells to the side, despite any possible ejection port on the side being covered by the laser sight. This was likely done to save time on animation coding, rather than being out of ignorance.

Fully Upgraded Shotgun Stats


All equal: after 25 paces all shotguns inflict 0 damage

“Range” Upgrades

  • Hydra / Jailbreaker: 2
  • M3 / Ithaca: 0
  • (Attack Range upgrades increase shot pellets by 50% each level - effectively doubling pellets from 7 to 15 when fully upgraded)

Max Damage

  • Hydra: 550 x2,14 = 1177
  • M3: 900
  • Jailbreaker: 350 x2,14 = 749
  • Ithaca: 400

Number of Average Shot Pellets

  • Hydra: 15
  • Jailbreaker: 15
  • M3: 7
  • Ithaca: 7

Damage per Shot Pellet

  • M3: 129
  • Hydra: 79
  • Ithaca: 58
  • Jailbreaker: 50

Rate of Fire (the time it takes to fire 10 rounds)

  • Hydra: 8s
  • Jailbreaker: 9s
  • M3: 11s
  • Ithaca: 12s

Reload Speed

  • Jailbreaker: 1.8 s
  • Ithaca: 2.4 s
  • M3: 2.7 s
  • Hydra: 3.3 s
  • Each shotgun has a set 2 shell reload animation
    • With infinite ammo, all reload animations are negated


  • Ithaca: 25
  • Jailbreaker: 15
  • M3 / Hydra: 10
  • With infinite ammo, all shogun capacities are infinite

Critical Chance Multiplier

  • Ithaca: 1 (in comparison, M92F has 3, VZ61 has 2)
  • Hydra / M3 / Jailbreaker: 0


Equal: All shotguns spread to the same average circumference

These statistics were obtained by firing at a large wall.

Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game

The Ithaca shotgun is a Weapon Card in the Resident Evil DBG here called the Pump-Action Shotgun. It is one of the most basic weapons in the game and besides the Automatic Shotgun, makes up the

Shotgun Weapon Card

Shotgun deck of the Resource Area. The shotgun is an easy way to introduce new players to the concept of extra Explores. Like all the Shotgun Cards that came after it, its simple effect is giving the player using it +1 Explore. Using it by itself for the multiple Explores is not wise, since it does not hit for very much damage. But putting it in the hands of Chris Redfield, or the alternate Chris Redfield based on his Lost in Nightmares appearance. The former gains extra damage for each Infected he's fighting while the latter gains an additional Explore with his second effect. The Pump-Action Shotgun has a Gold Cost of 40, an ammo requirement of 40, and deals 25 Damage.

The Real Ithaca 37

The Ithaca model 37 shotgun is one of the oldest pump action shotguns still in production. It was introduced in the 1937, and was based on the design patented by John M. Browning in 1915 and improved by Harry Howland of Ithaca Gun Co in 1931. Originally Browning sold his design to the Remington Arms Co, but later Ithaca Gun Company bought this design from Remington and began to build its own shotguns. Model 37 is known for its light weight and ambidextrous handling, thanks to Browning's patented bottom ejection feature. It is available in numerous versions and in various calibers, but for police, security and defense use the most suitable are 12 gauge versions. Current production model 37 "Homeland Security" is intended for civilian self-defense use, and also can be used as a police weapon. A more compact version was developed especially for police use and is known as Model 37 "Stakeout". This gun features a shorter barrel and a pistol grip instead of the more common buttstock. The Model 37 is widely used by various police departments and security units in the USA.


  • It will make a side appearance in Chris Redfield's attacks in Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • It is noticeably more powerful in The Mercenaries Reunion as opposed to The Mercenaries.



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