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Iulian was a resident to the snowy Village on Eastern Europe mountain range. He is the guard of the safe haven Luiza's house.


Sometime before Ethan Winters, Leonardo and Elena's arrival at Luiza's house, he had managed to reach there and acts as a guard and perimeter patrol.

When the trio arrived there, Elena bangs in on the door, telling Luiza to open the door, he then pointed the gun at them, telling the girl to stop shouting as it would attract the monsters and surprised to see an outsider, Elena pleads with them to take her father inside but he rejects worrying that his blood would act as a scent, attracting nearby Lycans. Luiza then steps out and offers them inside her house but not before scolding and telling Iulian to check the grounds.

After the slaughter in the house caused by a crazed Leonardo and the burnt up house, Ethan walks outside to hear the gunshots caused by Iulian, he is then seen begging Miranda not to kill him but she kills him anyway and walks away laughing.



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