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The Ivan Notes is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


A derivation of the Tyrant line that Sergei has re engineered to act as his personal bodyguard. Its basic combat functionality is that of a T-103, but it has been modified to better assimilate into human society. In addition to the trademark T-103 defensive coat, this model is also equipped with sunglasses that include an HMD.

Major improvements with this model include greater powers of comprehension and the ability to pass as human. It is still a T-103 and, as such, can transform into a Super Tyrant when the situation calls for it.



A T-103 subtype.
They were customised by Sergei as his bodyguard.
Their fundamental combat capabilities are equal to the T-103, but they have constantly improved to be able to infiltrate into human society.
In addition to the T-103 Type's trademark protective coat, they regularly use custom-made sunglasses with a built-in HMD.

The major improvements are a strengthening of thinking ability and the ability to pass more as a human.基本は変わっていないので緊急時には能力を開放したS.タイラント化できる。