J.D. Salinas was a character in the 2002 film Resident Evil.

Life As a Soldier

Prior to joining the U.B.C.S., J.D. Salinas served variously as a CIA agent and U.S. Navy SEAL. Timothy Cain personally recruited J.D. to the U.B.C.S.. He was assigned to the team led by One; the team charged with infiltrating The Hive to shut down the Red Queen computer system after it suddenly killed all the facility's employees.

His weapon of choice was a Heckler & Kock G36.

He is shown as being a good friend of, and possibly romantically involved with, fellow commando Rain Ocampo. This is hinted at in their exchanges on the train, and later in Dining Hall B, when assigned to guard Matt Addison whilst the team move on the Red Queen chamber.

He and Rain are the first to encounter the Hive's newly-zombified inhabitants. After the zombie, a woman in a white coat, bites Rain, he shouts repeated warnings before reluctantly shooting her with his sidearm. Shocked that his bullets had no effect, the zombie was eventually floored by Rain's MP5k.


After reuniting with the survivors from the Red Queen chamber, the team fight a running battle with the horde of zombies as they retreat towards the door. When the panicked Chad Kaplan fails repeatedly to input the door code, J.D. takes over. Succeeding on his second attempt, J.D. grins at Kaplan, not realizing what his mistake.

A second horde of zombies, waiting behind the opened door, quickly overwhelm J.D., dragging him inside. Rain makes a desperate attempt to rescue him, but is restrained by Spence Parks, lest she suffer the same fate.

Rain is forced to look in anguish as J.D. is consumed by the ravenous horde. J.D.'s death deeply affects Rain for the remainder of the film, another possible hint that the two were more than just friends.


Whilst escaping through the Hive's pipe system, the group (now consisting of Chad Kaplan, Alice, Matt Addison, Spence Parks and Rain Ocampo) is ambushed by a horde of zombies. Rain enables the others to climb to safety, to the pipes above, while she holds off as many of the undead as she can, knowing that her death is imminent due to her infection.

JD and Rain face off.

While she is doing this, J.D.'s reanimated body attacks her, forcing her to kill him herself.
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