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J.N.S.S. Incident

The J.N.S.S. Incident was a biological disaster which took place on board the Joint Nations Space Research Station.


The Übelandian-based Giesel Industries developed specialised satellites for the space station. These satellites were to contain samples of the "t" and "G" viruses and orbit the Earth before returning to the station. This was part of a research project into seeing how significantly the viruses would mutate when in contact with cosmic radiation.

Dr. Omle, an orbiting researcher, suspected the satellite was being used for bio-weapons research and promptly notified earth-based authorities.


The US government had the space shuttle Wayfarer launched. While carrying its scheduled supplies for the satellite, a smaller craft was launched from its cargo bay, crewed by BSAA agent Mina Gere. It was planned that Mina would first inspect the station to corroborate Dr. Omle's claim before allowing supplies in. The station's failure to maintain radio contact was a bad sign.

Upon boarding, it was quickly confirmed that not only was a virus leaked, but it managed to infect the research staff. Adding to that, a Licker was also present (whether smuggled by Giesel Industries as cargo or a mutation in a researcher was left unknown) as well as a bizarre, tentacled plant-like organism. After it was discovered that a virus-carrying satellite had recently launched and crashed in Grezbekistan, Mina had the station destroyed.


The immediate aftermath of the J.N.S.S. Incident was the investigation of the Grezbeki crash site, which in tern led to an investigation of Giesel Industries in Übelandia.

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