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For the enemy variant from Resident Evil 4, see Gatling Man.
"I'll regret it more if they get loose!"
— JJ, during the argument with Dylan

JJ was a mercenary of a private military firm employed as off-duty Umbrella Security Service operators who served alongside Dylan Blake during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident to assist the garrison with the evacuation of high ranking officials and Umbrella executives.


During the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, U.S.S. operators JJ, Dylan and few other men are assigned to unit six with their order to prioritise the evacuation of Umbrella executives and government officials from the city before it's inevitable destruction. The unit heads into the butchery where the group are overrun and infected with t-virus, leaving JJ and Dylan as its only two survivors of the unit. The two take shelter in the storage room where the window acts as its only defense against their infected teammates.

Shortly after, they were ordered by Umbrella Headquarters to quarantine the city and eliminate all infected civilians: including fellow personnel. This resulted in a brief scuffle between JJ and Dylan, the latter of whom refused to kill their injured comrades and believes that there is a way to save their comrades from death, before numerous zombies broke into the room. JJ exterminates the horde with Dylan falling to the ground, unable to handle the reality of his teammates' death. Distracted by Dylan's scream, JJ is bitten in the neck by his former comrade. After they were cleared, Dylan informs HQ of their situation and request medical attention only to be rejected and orders that all infected individuals must be killed before they can be evacuated. As his paranoia heightens, JJ tussles the gun away from him and accidentally shoots Dylan in the knee but the latter manages to gain the gun back with JJ begging for help.

Dylan pulls the trigger only for the gun to have run out of ammo prior, JJ attempts to rummage the area to gain another weapon only for Dylan to grab a nearby metal box and bashes his head, killing him. The decision would affect Dylan's psyche, now mentally scarred and vengeful; the event would lead him to concoct a plan in Alcatraz Island 17 years later. [1][2]