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J's BAR is the first location in Resident Evil Outbreak.[Note 1] It is explored during the Outbreak scenario.



Item locations as shown in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK.

After the initial opening cutscenes, the player (as Kevin Ryman, Mark Wilkins, George Hamilton, Cindy Lennox, David King, Alyssa Ashcroft, or Jim Chapman) will begin in this room. The two barrels in front of the bar window can be pushed toward the front door. This creates a barricade to protect the door.

After a certain period of time, the zombies will break through the front door. This will trigger another cutscene. After this, zombies will be able to enter the room freely. If the player is in the area for long enough, Will becomes a zombie as well.

Bob will follow the player around the room. He can be shouldered to help him move faster and in a clear direction. If Bob is attacked enough times, he will die.

Sitting on the front end of the bar counter is a Handgun or a Butcher Knife. Behind the bar counter is a First Aid Spray or Handgun and a PESTICIDE SPRAY. At the kitchen area next to the bar, there is a Butcher Knife or First Aid Spray. At the far end of the bar, underneath the stuffed fish, there is a restorative item. On Easy mode, there is a First Aid Spray; on Normal mode, there is a Green Herb; and on Hard and Very Hard modes, there is Green Herb or a Blue Herb.

There are three separate doorways in the room: the two doors to the east of the bar that lead to the Men's bathroom and Women's bathroom and the locked "Staff Room" door.

On Easy mode, the Staff Room Key is found on the eastern end of the bar; on Normal mode, it is found in the Men's Restroom; and on Hard and Very Hard modes, it can be found by searching Will's body after the zombies break through the door. Alternatively, Alyssa can pick the lock on the door using her Picking Tool or the player can break the door down using attacks.

Once the door is open, the players can advance. Bob will need to be near the doorway in order to advance.

The door leads to the Stairs between 1F and 2F.

Special Items[]

There are no costume-based items in this location; and there are six in total.


Location Localisation Original script Translation
Near the windows All the folks outside seem to have lost their sanity. I must get away from them... 外の集団はみな正気を失っている失らから逃げなければ…
Eastern wall Various pictures are displayed.
Western wall ここにいては危ない…とにかく部屋から出よう
Television The TV monitor isn't picking up any signal. What happened in the city? TV画面には砂嵐が映っている街でなにかあったのだろうか?
The front windows Bloodcurdling screams of people outside trying to escape the monsters can be heard. 聞を塞ぎたくなるような悲鳴や叫び声が聞こえてくる
The front door (before being barricaded) Monsters outside may break in anytime. I must block the entrance with something.
Will Blood is gushing out of his throat. He looks really bad...
Menu near door "Today's Special"
Bar counter An ashtray. I don't need to take this.
Wall-mounted table The bottle is already empty.
The slot machines Slot machines. ゲーム機が置かれている
Northern wall A picture of a family on vacation. The owner has a big smile on his face.
Bottles on the shelf Lots of alcoholic drinks. 何十種類もの酒が並んでいる
Cash register An old cash register. 年代物のレジカウンターがある
Taps behind the bar counter There is ice-cold beer on tap. ビールサーバーには良く冷えたビールが入っている
The kitchen A basic kitchen. It's quite clean. 簡素なキッチンだきれいに片付けられている
Spice rack Various spices.
Near Staff room door It seems I can get out through this door. I must hurry! このドアから逃げられそうだ急がなくては!
Staff room door "Staff Room"

The keyhole looks quite old.

After using Staff Room Key or Picking Tool successfully You've unlocked it.
Stuffed fish A large, stuffed game fish. 大きな魚の剥製だ



  1. In the original Japanese script, it is known instead as the Bar interior (BAR店内 bā ten'nai?).