The Staff room is a room featured in Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak File #2. However, in File #2 the level is the tutorial level.


The staff room is located on the second floor of J's bar it is a large area with multiple corridors that branch of into multiple different rooms.



Item locations as shown in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK OFFICIAL GUIDE BOOK.

To reach this room you must ascend the stairs between 1F and 2F once you reach this area you will need to run down the long hallway til you reach an open area with a desk and fridge to your left and a coffee table with the raccoon today newspaper on it the player will need pick this up in order to reveal the key with a blue tag underneath once the key is obtained you will be able to unlock the door leading to the stairway between 2F and 3F and continue the level.


Location Localisation Original Script
Junk on the floor "Various junk is scattered all about. None of it seems to be useful." 「ガラクタが散らかっている使えそうなものはなさそうだ」
Wall against the junk 「役に立つものは入っていない」
The door "There is a blue marking on this door knob. The keyhole looks quite old."
Water cooler "A water cooler. It contains ice-cold water."
The locker "Magazines and bills. I don't need these."
The doll "A dirty looking cork doll. Looks like a souvenir from some resort area."
The sofa "A leather sofa. There's no time to rest on it."
Receiver "No sound is coming from the receiver. The phone line seems to be dead."



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