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"Welcome to the family, son!"
— Jack Baker to Ethan Winters

Jack Baker (ジャック・ベイカー Jakku Beikā?) was an American serial killer who kidnapped, murdered and ate over a hundred men and women in Dulvey Parish, Louisiana from 2014 to 2017, in coordination with his wife Marguerite, his son Lucas, and his adopted daughters Eveline and Mia. At the time of his death in August 2017, it was determined by the BSAA that the family's actions were the result of a psychoactive fungal bio-weapon that induced extreme violent tendencies.


As a child, Jack grew up with his brother Joe at the Baker ranch in Dulvey Parish, Louisiana. The two were well known in the area for getting into fights, including with one another.[2] This did not, however, prevent Jack from serving in the United States Marine Corps in 1980. How long he served for is uncertain, though by the 1990s he had settled down with Marguerite and had inherited the farm from his parents, with Joe living close by in a shack in the bayou. By 1994, he and Marguerite had two children, Lucas and Zoe.

Meeting Eveline[]

"She wants me to do this. I have to show her how devoted I am. She wants us all to show her our love. You don't wanna disappoint her, now do ya? We can't do that."
— Jack to Zoe while under Eveline's influence[3]

On Thursday 2 October 2014, the Baker family watched a news report placing Dulvey Parish in the path of a hurricane.[4] For the next week the family bunkered within the Main House which Jack had reinforced, with the waters finally receding fully on Thursday, the 9th of October. On Friday, Jack went out into the bayou to investigate the wrecked ship, Annabelle, which had been drawn inland. At the bayou, he discovered Mia Winters, who on returning to the house, warned them about a ten-year-old girl.[5] Despite her warnings, Jack searched again and found the girl, Eveline. What Jack was unaware of was that Eveline was a human B.O.W. created through a weaponized hallucinogenic fungus called "Mold".[6]

One Click Question - No

Jack holding Eveline in Daughters.

By the time Jack returned to the Main House with Eveline, he had already been contaminated by the Mold, which was slowly assimilating his DNA and replacing his cells with fungal imitations. This infection was then passed on to Marguerite and Lucas. Soon, the Bakers began suffering the effects of the infection, which escalated towards violent behavior inflicted on themselves and each other. Under Eveline's influence, Jack dragged Lucas to his bedroom so Eveline could infect him, then went out in search of Zoe. By the end of the night the entire family had been infected, though Zoe was more resistant. Eveline then lowered her control of the family, and they were rendered amnesiac, remembering nothing of the day other than picking up Eveline and Mia.[7] All five were, otherwise, made part of Eveline's "family", with their minds copied and stored within the Fungal Root, a central mass of the Mold super-colony which was growing on board Annabelle.

As time passed, the Mold spread further and further throughout Jack's body until the human cells were completely replaced. This had a monumental effect on Jack's mental state. Whereas at the start he shifted between normalcy and violence under Eveline's influence, over the weeks it became second nature, and he would obsess over Eveline even without her control. The Bakers became more and more secluded to the point they were declared missing, with the ranch being treated in some circles as haunted.[8] Fulfilling Eveline's need for a larger family, Jack, Marguerite and Lucas took part in a series of abductions, preying primarily on tourists and Louisiana's homeless population. By January 2016 some twenty people were officially declared missing, though the true number of victims were likely far more.[9] What became of these victims varied, though none were affected the way Mia and the Bakers were. Jack himself did not like the idea of there being more men in the family, and he and Marguerite would often experience violent outbursts and kill the victims early.[note 1] In other cases Eveline would simply make the Mold consume their bodies quickly. These bodies would then be taken to the basement or the nearby salt mine for storage as the Mold turned their corpses into puppets called "Molded". Cannibalism of the victims was also not unheard of. By mid-2016, Eveline began physically deteriorating and forced the Bakers to abduct even more victims.[10] By mid-2017 the Bakers' victims list was in the hundreds, though because of their choice in targets the known figure was considerably lower.[note 2]

Sewer Gators[]

In June 2017, the Guest House was entered by trespassers operating an urbex show called Sewer Gators. Jack, who was in the house at the time, grabbed Andre Stickland and dragged him to the basement where he was quickly murdered and left propped up against a wall. When fellow crew members Clancy Jarvis and Peter Walken investigated, they were quickly captured. Walken was murdered and Jarvis was brought to the Main House where Jack left him trapped with the Molded. When Jarvis was still not dead by daylight, Jack tried to finish him personally, only to be incapacitated.[11] Jarvis would, however, fail in his escape attempt and, he was captured by Marguerite and treated as a guest and potential candidate for the family, though Jack was as usual disgruntled by the idea.[12][note 1] When Jarvis escaped the bedroom via a secret passageway, he was captured by Lucas for his own amusement.[13]

Ethan's arrival[]

Baker family

Jack with Marguerite, Lucas, Eveline and Ethan Winters at dinner.

In July 2017, Eveline manipulated Mia into sending out an email to her husband, Ethan Winters, as part of a plot to lure him to the house and become part of the family. Winters arrived and trespassed on the Guest House on Tuesday 18 July, watched closely by Jack, who locked him in to prevent escape. Soon after, Mia ran out of the house armed with a chainsaw, planning to ambush Winters as he tried to escape out the attic window. Jack entered the house to cut him-off, finding he had shot Mia. Jack punched Winters in the face, then stomped on his head.[14] As Winters had already become contaminated by the Mold in the house, he was in a state of clinical death for mere minutes. Jack takes the two back to the Main House, where they were separated.[14]

Jack Baker 3

Jack Baker attacking Ethan Winters.

In the evening, Jack, Marguerite, Lucas and Eveline sat down for dinner with Winters strapped to a chair as their guest. Their attempts to get Winters to consume Mold-contaminated food were unsuccessful, and began agitating Jack to the point he stabbed him. Before delivering another wound, an alarm warned the family of Deputy David Anderson.[15] While Jack was distracted, Winters freed himself from his chair and evaded capture. Rather than go look for him, Jack went back outside to intercept Anderson, catching up with him just as he entered the garage. There, Jack forced a shovel through his head, severing the top of his skull, before turning on Winters.[16] Their fight was brief but destructive, with Jack ultimately losing on purpose by shooting himself in the head as a psychological tactic.[17]

Second encounter with Ethan[]

Jack reawakened soon after Ethan made it into the main hall and surprised him in the bathroom, his head injuries visibly healing themselves, where after he stalked him throughout the house. He ended up following Ethan into the basement, where he managed to claim one of the dog reliefs Ethan needed to get out of the house, all the while muttering to the decapitated corpse of the deputy about his worries that Ethan will replace him as Eveline's "father" and saying that the deputy will help him (presumably through mutation into a Molded).

Jack left the relief hanging on a hook in the drawing room as bait for Ethan, and this allowed the opportunity to knock him down into a small arena, forcing another duel from the pair with Jack using a custom made chainsaw-shears combo weapon. Despite this, Ethan still got the better of him and damaged him to the point where his upper body violently exploded, leaving only his legs intact to walk and fall towards Ethan.

Final battle with Ethan[]

The loss of his upper body triggered a mutation which led to Jack increasing multiple scores in size and his speech becoming much more demonic and strained, transforming into a reptile-like monstrosity which sported several eyeballs and was completely covered in Eveline's black essence. He confronted Ethan in the boat house during his rescue of Mia and Zoe, grabbing him and throwing him across the shack while rambling about how Ethan turned his own family against him and lamenting the death of his wife Marguerite. Jack was incapacitated by Ethan taking out his many eyes, but this did not keep him down which forced Ethan to use one of the serums he gained on Jack, rapidly calcifying him and thus ending their feud.


"Ethan, free my family--please."
— Jack pleading Ethan[18]

During Ethan's imprisonment within the Mold, Jack appeared to him in a vision, now free of Eveline's control. He expressed deep remorse for his actions, revealing to Ethan that his family were corrupted by Eveline and did not really wish to harm anyone before begging Ethan to free his family from her.

End of Zoe[]

Swamp Man identity revealed

Jack after his mold mask was removed.

The mutated Jack managed to survive Zoe's cure due to his poisoned cells growing out of control, evolving into a decayed but near invincible creature nicknamed the "Swamp Man" who acted on his own accord after Eveline's death. His new mission was to capture the now calcified Zoe, but his estranged brother Joe Baker managed to get to her first and take her to his shack. While Joe left the shack to find a cure for Zoe, Jack set the shack on fire and viciously murdered the BSAA operator captive there in his attempt to kidnap his daughter - however, Joe is able to rescue Zoe and escape in a boat, completely unaware that the monster was in fact his own brother. Jack managed to catch up with Joe at the Umbrella camp and attempted to take him on, but Joe escaped from his grasp and moved on towards an old paddle boat where the synthesizer for the cure was being held. Just as Joe managed to craft the full cure for Zoe, Jack jumped him and slammed him through the floor, engaging with him in close quarters combat, but Joe was able to best him by twisting his head clean off.

End of Jack

Jack moments before being killed by his brother Joe.

It wasn't long before Jack regenerated and once again caught up with Joe though, as he kidnapped Zoe right before Joe was able to administer the cure, carrying her into the Umbrella-quarantined zone and vanishing in the fog before Joe could pursue. Jack then sets up a trap for Joe at a rundown church, setting Zoe out in the open so he could ambush from behind. Joe got the chance to peel Jack's mask of Mold back to reveal the remains of his face. Joe was so shocked at the Swamp Man's identity that Jack knocked him out and stuck him into a coffin which was then pushed into the depths of the swamp, Jack walked to the main house, killing all the BSAA soldiers he saw ahead, who were unable to stop him.

Jack has one final encounter with Joe in the main hall of the main house at the Baker ranch, where he had set up Zoe at a table. However, Joe was finally able to stop Jack thanks to his AMG-78 gauntlet completely obliterating his head, finally killing him and ending his misery.



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