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Resident Evil 4


Move Damage Description
Knife attack (ナイフ攻撃 Naifu kōgeki?)[1] 800 points Jack slashes at his opponent with a knife.[1][note 1]
Continuous knife attack (連続ナイフ攻撃 Renzoku naifu kōgeki?)[1] 1,150 points A variant of the above where Jack makes continuous slashes. It can be avoided through Action Buttons.
"Witness the Power!"
Krauser Plaga

The mutated Krauser prepares to fight Ada.

Prior to Mutation

Krauser is a masterful knife fighter, trained in hand-to-hand combat, and along with the same training as Leon, knows how to use a wide variety of firearms and heavy ordinance. Compared to Leon, he has a more rugged fighting style: utilizing surprise attacks from behind cover; long-range longbow shots; traps, such as robotic spiders with TNT strapped to them, and small flying robots equipped with full-auto armaments; more physically-oriented, close-range combat; and especially the luring of his enemies into the environment to pull off any one of the aforementioned tactics. He is also capable of executing inhumanly powerful jumps, although this was attributed to his infection; during the interactive knife fight cutscene and the fight within the ruins, he displays the ability to pull off powerful back flips to reach platforms or ledges more than six feet from the ground. He also frequently utilized Flash Grenades against Leon, despite being infected with a Plaga at that time. Interestingly, Krauser is particularly weak against knives. During the small interactions as Leon procedures the first two insignia, Krauser can be defeated with one or two knife swings.

"Prepare for your death, Leon!"

When mutated, Krauser's speed, endurance, defensive capabilities and killing potential are increased dramatically. He sports a gigantic bladed arm not only capable of being utilized for cleaving opponents in two, but also capable of 'unfurling' into a fan-like metallic shield, protecting him from the knees up like a personal riot shield. He is also capable of dodging bullets with his enhanced lightning-quick reflexes, and his endurance has also been greatly increased. With the gigantic 'wing', he is also able to execute powerful forward charges, the action of which looks like he's being propelled by jets. In addition, his endurance also was heightened to the extent that he could even survive grievous wounds such as his heart exploding, as evidenced by Krauser's first defeat at the hands of Leon. Krauser is also able to execute powerful jumps and backflips. Krauser's weakness against knives extents to his mutation as he can be stunned with a knife swing, which would leave him open to more knife attacks. Utilizing this method, Leon can defeat Krauser in seconds, making the 3-minute time limit a non-issue.

The Mercenaries

"The man of malevolence, Krauser has been unlocked in The Mercenaries!"
Character Load-out Melee Unlocked by

Health: 10 bars (Max)

  • Head: Kick
  • Leg: Knee
  • Special: Plaga Arm Blade Thrust
Getting 4-Star at the Castle

In the "The Mercenaries" minigame of Resident Evil 4, Krauser is unlockable by getting a four star rating on the castle level. He is the only character with a full 10 bars of health, and can take upwards of 7 or 8 hits before succumbing. He also has a faster running speed than Leon. When knocked down, Krauser performs a getup move that is different from the other characters which causes him to move backward.

He wields a powerful bow which has a high probability of a one-hit kill to the head and body, flash grenades which can used to stagger a group and then unleash his powerful melee attack, and his own knife. His knife swing is much more effective than Leon's and is more likely to stun and set up enemies for melee attacks and only takes a few hits to kill normal enemies.

Krauser's bow needs to be reloaded after every shot and aims very slowly meaning he can't keep a constant bead on his enemies nor can he follow them very well. Krauser can fire his bow slightly faster if the player skips the reload animation by rapidly release and then depress the aim button. This will make Krauser level his bow faster than if the player had kept the button held however, he loses his aim because the bow will be aimed at the neutral position again.

Krauser has a special attack where he uses his infected arm blade and thrust forward and kills any enemies in the way. This attack is done by pressing Ashley's command button when his arm is glowing red. Once pressed, Krauser will hold his arm blade out ready and the control stick can be used to aim left or right before attack. Once the attack is used, after about a minute Krauser's arm will grow red again allowing the player to use the attack again. When beginning a stage his arm attack is already ready to be used. The attack launches Krauser forward and will destroy all enemies and objects in one hit, even the all the stage bosses. The actual range of the attack is larger than it appears, even if the arm doesn't physically hit the enemy, any Ganado within a meter or so will still be killed.

Melee Moves:

  • Head: Kick - Krauser does a roundhouse and then a hook kick. Both kicks can hit the target and usually will also hit close by ones as well. The kicks almost always decapitate foes.
  • Leg: Knee - Krauser knees the target in the face, also almost always causes decapitation.

It is rare that the player will use his melee attacks, as his bow instantly kills most enemies with one two shots or will cause enemies to be knocked down to the ground.

Krauser's main weakness is if his flash grenades have been used up and his arm attack is not ready, he lacks the power to control and or escape from groups due to his slow bow.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Resident-evil-the-mercenaries-1208-10 1291888401

Krauser in Mercenaries 3D

He also appears in The Mercenaries 3D as an unlockable character. His regular costume is unlocked by getting at least a B-rank on Mission Level 3-5 and his alternate outfit Exo-skeleton is unlocked by getting an S-rank on Mission Level 5–5. His weapon set can be purchased and used for other characters by finishing all normal Mission Levels with Krauser and getting at least an S-rank or buying it for 10 play coins.

His loadout is:

  • Bow & Arrow Krauser's Bow (∞)
  • Knife (∞)
  • Rocket Launcher (2/0) (When using the ability Infinity 7, the Rocket Launcher has infinite ammo, but the score is permanently set at 0).
  • Herb (Green) = 1

His Moveset is as follows:

Krauser Alternate

Krauser's alternate costume

  • Roundhouse - Head stun: A roundhouse to reverse roundhouse kick combo, sending the enemy flying away from him. Both kicks can also hit nearby enemies. This is similar to his Resident Evil 4 head melee attack.
  • Up-Slice - Arm stun from front: Krauser draws his knife and uppercuts them with it. This is also the move he uses to destroy Time Bonuses.
  • Tackle - Arm stun from back: Krauser performs a shoulder tackle that sends enemies flying away from him.
  • Stinger - Leg stun from front: Krauser grabs their shoulders and knees them in the face. This move also has a high critical headshot rate.
  • Throat Slit - Leg stun from back: Krauser draws his knife and stabs the entire blade into the enemies throat before ripping it out.
  • Knife Stab - Grounded: Krauser draws his knife one-handed and stabs down into the enemy's body; high critical if the knife hits the head.
  • Dropkick - When Krauser approaches a powerful stunned enemy (like Gatling Gun Majini) or uses the skill Reversal, which gives the character access to their best melee move(s) when Vitality is low, he jumps and kicks the enemy with both feet before landing on his stomach. This move takes a huge chunk out of health out of the target.

Krauser is a resilient Mercenary, taking less damage than he heals, similar to HUNK. His alternate outfit, Exo-Skeleton (Based on Chris' Heavy Metal costume from Resident Evil 5), increases his damage resistance but degrades his healing ability.

Krauser's knife allows him to make excellent use of the Thunderbolt skill, which makes all Melee attacks electric. This allows him to handle most enemies in large groups at once and also stun minor sub-boss type enemies such as Big Man Majini who will be open to a Roundhouse attack prompt every few slashes.The Rocket Launchers in his inventory also allow him to take down most bosses easily. However, he only gets two (without infinity 7 which is pointless to use for gameplay where scoring is needed.) so the player has to think strategically when it would be a good time to use them.

His bow however is much weaker so handling bosses may be difficult unless Krauser has access to a large supply of Grenades and/or Proximity Bombs. His bow is very useful for handling Chainsaw Majini who have gone into berserker mode as it will take them out in a few hits provided they don't close the distance between them and Krauser. A knife with Thunderbolt equipped isn't recommended on bosses, especially those with instant death attacks unless the player is experienced enough.

When handling Giant Chainsaw Man in this game, Krauser should remain a fair distance away because he no longer has access to the arm attack he had in Resident Evil 4. It is recommended saving the Rocket Launchers especially for Giant Chainsaw Man because it can kill him in one hit.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Krauser is playable during the Operation Javior scenario (and the only playable character for chapters 6 and 7 of that scenario). His handgun skin is new design for the series, it most closely resembles a real life Heckler & Koch MK.23 but is otherwise unidentified as such in-game. His counterattack is spinning back-fist to push the zombie away then grabbing it from behind and preforming a throat slit with his signature knife. His assist move is first punching the zombie in the gun then grabbing its head, forcing it to the gorund, then bashing its head against the ground multiple times. His costumes are;

  • SOCOM - Default costume.
  • Mercenary - Extra costume, based on his Resident Evil 4 appearance. Unlocked by completing chapter 5 of Operation Javier on Normal mode.
  • Detective - Extra costume. Unlocked by getting an "S" rank on Operation Javior chapters 1 to 5 on Normal mode.



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