Further notes
  • To promote Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, a Twitter account for Jack Krauser was created, which details what he does during the Operation Javier mission.[1]
  • Krauser bears a long scar in his face which goes from his left eye to his chin, and a small one on from his right cheek to his mouth. It is unknown how or when he got those scars, it is only known that it was at some point between 2002 and 2004 it could be a result of his faked death or experimentation on himself to recover his arm, but it is not known for sure.
  • There was initially some confusion as to whether Krauser's arm was intended to be a Plagas, due to Ada implying in her report during Separate Ways that she knew about Krauser's arm before he was hired as a mercenary for Los Illuminados and a plant for Wesker in the same group. However, this was the result of a mistranslation of the Japanese script, in which Ada simply expressed confidence that she'd beat him without mentioning the arm.
  • In the original Japanese script, it is left vague as to how Krauser faked his death, just describing it as an accident - "2年前事故で死んだはず…". It is in the localization that a 'crash' is mentioned.




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