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"You see, in that jungle. I had a revelation. The most important thing in this world is pure, unadulterated power!"
— Jack Krauser to Leon Scott Kennedy.[1]

Major Jack Krauser (ジャック・クラウザー Jakku Kurauzā?) was a former soldier within USSOCOM known as "Silverdax." He was forced into retirement after a 2002 mission to South America with USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy. By 2004 Krauser had located and became a loyal member to the cult Los Iluminados, and was the true leader of a plan to kidnap the then president of the United States daughter Ashely Graham. Krauser was killed in late 2004 during the rescue operation of Ashley Graham.


Operation Javier (2002)[]

RE4MAKE Jack Krauser (2)

Krauser training Kennedy prior to Operation Javier.

Krauser was tasked in training new recruits in the top secret government program, putting them through grueling training that transferred his knowledge and wisdom in close-quarters combat and battle. One of the recruits was Leon Scott Kennedy, who Krauser took particular interest in.

In 2002, Krauser was among the few chosen elite soldiers to participate in Operation Javier, which was planned for several years and conducted in secrecy. It's unclear whether their mission was successful, though Krauser and his unit were abandoned in the Amparo jungle by the U.S government. The mission left Krauser as its only survivor, with the incident successfully covered up by the government.[2] The loss of his men left Krauser with resentment towards his superiors, though also imparted him with the desire to seek out and obtain "unadulterated power".

Los Illuminados (2004)[]

"Strength is everything. The weak can protect nothing!"
— Jack Krauser in his mutation to Leon.

At some point following Operation Javier, Krauser discovered the Los Iluminados cult and became a faithful disciple under its 15th leader Osmund Saddler. He was also responsible for providing Los Iluminados with modern weaponry such as RPGs with specialized red warhead and fortifying the cult's island base not far from the main land.[3][4]

To enact the cult's plan to gain influence in the US government, Krauser conspired with his acquaintances to kidnap President Graham's daughter Ashley Graham, coordinating a successful mission that disabled her protection. Krauser then had Ashley transferred to Valdelobos, where she was held and infected with the Plaga parasite. Sometime after, Krauser was stationed on Los Iluminados' island base and is given a dominant Plaga species to enhanced his own strength and agility. Despite attaining the power he sought from Dominant Species Plaga Saddler bestowed upon him, Krauser wanted more hence willingly allowed it to be improved via exposure to the power of The Amber, unlike Saddler who wary of it and stressed its importance in the cult's hands.[5] When former Los Iluminados researcher Luis Serra Navarro stole a sample called The Amber and fled the island, Krauser was tasked by Saddler to recover it. He was also deployed to subdue Leon and Ashley when the former arrived in Valdelobos and proved to be a match for their forces.

RE4MAKE Jack Krauser (9)

The rookie meets his thought-to-be dead mentor again.

In the mines below Castle Salazar, Krauser managed to track down Kennedy and Serra and fatally stabbed the latter from behind while he was distracted. After recovering the Amber from the dying researcher, he engaged with Kennedy in close quarters combat, during he revealed his involvement in Graham's kidnapping and reasons for his betrayal. Krauser eventually overpowered Kennedy, but was forced to retreat when a dying Serra fired upon him. Having achieved his objectives, Krauser left the premises to retrieve Graham from the castle's castellan Ramón Salazar. After the handover, he fled left with a weakened Graham to the island as Kennedy fought the mutated Salazar.

RE4MAKE Jack Krauser (20)

Krauser's mutation.

After arriving on the Island, Krauser left Graham in Los Iluminado's research facility and handed over the Amber to Saddler himself. He then began to prepare the Island's ruins for a confrontation with Kennedy, even leaving a message saying he intended to end the events that occurred two years ago. When Leon arrived, Krauser taunted him for his lack of judgement and inability to save anyone. He went to to explain his motivations were not through loyalty to the cult but to gain power, seeing it as the most important thing. Krauser proceed to battle Kennedy as he navigated the ruins, attacking in both close-quarters and ranged combat. Eventually, Krauser used his Plaga to mutate himself, enhancing his strength to superhuman levels.

RE4MAKE Jack Krauser (32)

Krauser's defeat.

As Leon arrived at the final tower, Krauser caught up with him and the two engaged in a final battle to the death. Despite his abilities and strength from the parasite, he was eventually incapacitated from inflicted injuries, leaving him unable to move. Acknowledging that his death is inevitable, Krauser implored Kennedy to finish him of with his own knife, which he hesitantly complied with. Before drawing his last breath, Krauser proudly told Leon that he'd trained him well.


Albert Wesker with Krauser's body.

Krauser's body was later recovered by Albert Wesker to extract his dominant Plaga parasite, as a contingency for Ada Wong's possible failure or refusal to recover the Amber.