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"We rise from the dead, our spirit a callous and immutable force."

Dr. Jack Norman was a university lecturer and founder of the organisation, Il Veltro. Calm and intelligent rather than boastful,[1][excerpt 1] Dr. Norman projected an air of charisma which gave many people sympathy for his movement despite its increasingly aggressive acts, which ended in the Terragrigia Panic.


Alongside his career as a teacher, Norman was the founder of Il Veltro, a protest movement he controlled as a personality cult consisting largely of students of his.[2][excerpt 2] Believing that the Earth had become decadent and sinful, Norman's group became increasingly prone to extremism. It was this conduct which earned his approach from Federal Bioterrorism Commissioner Morgan Lansdale. By 2005, Norman and Il Veltro had become pawns in a wider conspiracy by Lansdale to justify increasing the FBC's budget and powers by causing a major bioterrorist incident it would be forced to deal with. For this task, Norman was provided with the newly engineered t-Abyss Virus, UAV equipment which could disperse it, and the former Paraguas-owned cruise ships, Queen Dido, Queen Semiramis and Queen Zenobia. While grateful for the donation and ready to go on the offensive, Norman was highly suspicious of Lansdale, and made sure to have their meetings recorded.[3]

Lansdale speaking to Norman about the success of the Terragrigia Panic

In mid-2005, Il Veltro made its move on Terragrigia, a city the group had protested the construction of. From his base on Queen Dido, Norman coordinated the offensive over a period of three weeks while footage of the continued fighting was transmitted to TV screens across the world. As the FBC began drawing plans to pull out of the city, Il Veltro ceased to be of relevance to Lansdale's plans, and Norman discovered too late the three ships had been sabotaged. In an angry phone call with Lansdale following his ship's contamination with t-Abyss, Norman revealed the existence of the recorded messages, but the detonation of hidden explosives on the ship by Lansdale rendered this threat moot.[4]

Norman shortly before mutating to the Ultimate Abyss

Over the next year, Norman and several other Veltro fighters remained trapped on board Queen Dido, surviving in a large air pocket containing several rooms. The survivors counted down the days of their entombment in blood on the walls as they made preparations to extend their lives. Under Norman's instructions, they each infected themselves with syringes carrying t-Abyss and desperately tried to resist their inevitable mutations.[5] One by one Norman's remaining students perished, though whether by complications of their mutations or by euthanasia is uncertain. Any remaining members were killed during an FBC raid on Queen Dido, sent by Lansdale to recover the recording. Knowing more would come and all alone, Norman prepared himself for a last stand. Mistaking a BSAA search party for more FBC officers, Norman injected himself with what remained of the virus and began experiencing violent mutations, becoming the "Ultimate Abyss".[6][7] In spite of his physical advantages, Norman was fatally wounded by gunfire and, in his final moments, made peace with himself and knocked over a candle, destroying his Veltro flag.[3]



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