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Ultimate Abyss

Ultimate Abyss

Ultimate Abyss

"The mutated form of Norman, leader of the international terrorist organization Veltro, following self-administration of the t-Abyss virus. His actions can fog the mind, and he cannot be defeated unless one sees through his illusions."
— Description from

The Ultimate Abyss can absorb a substantial amount of fire and can be difficult to beat without understanding his attacks. Whenever his back opens, that's the cue he's about to teleport. When he does warp, he tends to appear directly behind you so fire at him to interrupt his lunge.

Eventually, the Ultimate Abyss will start leaving an afterimage whenever he teleports, in an effort to trick you into attacking thin air; the real mutant will always emit purple smoke in this instance and mostly appears behind you when he does this.

The next stage of attacks is that the Ultimate Abyss will start creating multiple duplicates - each one will attack you and then disappear without actually hitting. Remember to fire at the one emitting smoke.

When his health reaches critical levels, the Ultimate Abyss begins using its most powerful attack and will rapidly create several duplicates at once to confuse you whilst he performs a damaging charge. Be ready to attack the real Ultimate Abyss as soon as you see the smoke.

In his late attack phases, heavy damage will cause Ultimate Abyss to briefly fall to his knees; use this moment to get some clear shots of the weak point on his back.

Keep repeating this strategy and you will eventually defeat the Ultimate Abyss and complete the game. The creature's health can be measured by looking at the color of the weak spot on its back it goes from yellow which is fairly strong to red which is critical. According to this monster is called just "Norman".

Ghost Norman

"Captain of the ghost ship, presiding over tonight's banquet of the dead. Armored with revenge and fuelled by the wrath of hell itself, those in his presence come to know what it is like to truly abandon all hope. The ship's passengers are condemned to eternally wander along its corridors until he is defeated."
— Description from
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Ghost Norman in-game

Ghost Norman

Ghost Norman

Exclusive to the port is a special enemy known as Ghost Norman. Ghost Norman appears at the end of "Ghost Ship" after defeating the Ultimate Abyss and shattering the BSAA emblem. However, in order for Ghost Norman to appear at least one player must be level 50.

Ghost Norman's appearance is much darker compared to the Ultimate Abyss and he is significantly stronger, also instead of teleporting and creating afterimages he is capable of using an ability which causes him transfer to the "Enraged" state. In this state Ghost Norman provides stronger resistance against all kinds of attacks, except Magnums and Sniper Rifles.[1]

This monster has creature level 60 and only "Boss" (Purple crown) appearance. He has the most powerful damage rate multiplier in the game (250%) [1]

Raid Mode

"Abandon all hope ye who enter"
Jack Norman Raid mode

Jack Norman in-game

Jack Norman is a playable character in Raid Mode. His melee attack is Josh Stone's "Iron Tackle" from Resident Evil 5.

Costume How to unlock Ablilites
Costume 1 Collect all four "Legendary Weapons" (3DS)

"Clear all stages on Abyss difficulty" (Console Ports)

Rifle Mastery 2

Rifle Reload Speed +50%
Rifle Firing Rate +18%

Grenade Mastery 1

Grenade Blast Range +180%

CC Mastery 1

Physical Attack Damage +130%
Melee Weapon Damage +130%



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