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Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes

"We rise from the dead, our spirit a callous and immutable force."

Dr. Jack Norman was a university lecturer and founder of the organisation, Il Veltro. Calm and intelligent rather than boastful,[1][excerpt 1] Dr. Norman projected an air of charisma which gave many people sympathy for his movement despite its increasingly aggressive acts, which ended in the Terragrigia Panic.


Jack Norman established Il Veltro as an armed cult of charisma.[2][excerpt 2] Believing that the Earth had become decadent and sinful, Norman devised a plan to use numerous B.O.W.s to create terror to make the people realize their sins and corruption. The group and Norman himself were secretly financed by FBC head Morgan Lansdale.

Lansdale speaking to Norman about the success of the Terragrigia Panic

Lansdale provided Norman with the t-Abyss Virus and means to disperse it over the recently built aquapolis of Terragrigia, through the use of three cruise ships, Queen Dido, Queen Semiramis and Queen Zenobia and various UAV systems. Though Norman believed Lansdale shared the ideals of Veltro, he suspected Lansdale was merely using the group as a pawn to solidify his position of power within the government further, and he kept video logs of all of their interactions on his PDA in the event Morgan would double-cross them.

After the destruction of Terragrigia, Norman's fear came true, and his group were betrayed by Lansdale and were trapped on the sinking of Queen Dido. Surviving in an unflooded area of the now biohazardous ship, Norman and the last surviving members of Il Veltro counted down the days of their containment in blood on a wall.

Nearly a year later, an F.B.C. armed forces team that included Dario Barioni were ordered by Morgan to obtain the video recordings of Lansdale's deals with Il Veltro but were killed by Norman, who had survived by desiring nothing but revenge. This battle ended with only Jack Norman surviving. Seeing this, Norman recorded one final message in his PDA, declaring that Lansdale would never obtain the recordings before he injected himself with the t-Abyss Virus.

Norman shortly before mutating to the Ultimate Abyss

By this time BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield boarded the sunken ship and found in an unflooded area, the last surviving member of Il Veltro. Driven mad by the loss of his friends and by watching them mutate, he took a final large dose of the t-Abyss virus as soon as they found him. This caused him to transform into a creature known as the "Ultimate Abyss" with the ability to move so fast that he seemingly teleported and to summon duplicate illusions of himself. After a long battle, he was killed by Jill. Before the ship caught fire, the dying Norman expressed his relief that he could finally be at peace.


Ultimate Abyss.jpg

"Done... everything finished... finally... I can die... I... can die..."

Ultimate Abyss appears as a giant humanoid figure with aquatic traits. The creature's left hand is noticeably bigger and possesses sharp claws that serve as its primary weapon. Two fins sprout from its back, with a bulbous growth between them. Upon attacking, a flap on the right side of Abyss' chest will open to expose its large heart. Its face can be retracted to reveal a single eye, similar in appearance to that of the Draghignazzo.



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