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Jade Wesker is a character in the upcoming Resident Evil TV series.[1][note 1]



Jade and Billie Wesker were born around 2008 as part of a genetics experiment conducted by Albert Wesker, an Umbrella Corporation executive who then retired to raise them. Though born together through a surrogate, they had separate biological parents on at least their mothers' side. The two had an upper-middle class upbringing, supported by Albert, who's parenting style shifted from controlling to inattentive. As teenagers, the two began acting out deliberately to cause problems, though their own relationship fell apart when Jade continued to push Billie to rebel following a threat of expulsion.

In 2022, Albert was offered his old executive position with Umbrella, and the family moved to New Raccoon City where Umbrella HQ was situated. Jade immediately hated living in the city, which she saw more as a facsimile of a real town set-up by the company. At school Jade fit in well, though became defensive when Billie became the target of persistent physical and cyberbullying. After witnessing further bullying on their second day, Jade purposely assaulted one of the bullies while wearing a costume and planted it in Billie's locker in an attempt to give her a reputation. The stunt almost resulted in Billie's expulsion and criminal charges, though was settled by their father's intervention.

In the evening following the assault, Jade and Billie reconciled and began plans to infiltrate Umbrella HQ, having learnt from Billie that the company was conducting animal testing. Being plaid by Billie, Jade gave in and the two stole Albert's phone and keycard to fool their way through the building's security system. With her own experience, Jade brought a torch along to cover their faces when passing CCTV cameras. The infiltration was successful, and they made their way into level B4 where the experiments were conducted. While Billie focused her attention on taking photographic proof of animal testing, Jade instead used her father's passwords to read top-secret company files where she discovered information on the 1998 Raccoon City incident, which had been successfully covered-up. While preparing to leave the lab, the two were attacked by an escaped mutant doberman and were chased back to the ground floor. When their attempts to hide in offices failed, they ran for the entrance instead. During their escape, however, Billie was mauled by the dog and Jade had to bash it to death with a fire extinguisher.

Coinciding with the incident at Umbrella HQ, a separate facility in Tijuana, Mexico suffered an outbreak of T-virus. The infection soon spread out across North America, causing widespread chaos as the it provoked murderous and cannibalistic instincts on those it infected. Soon the virus spread across much of the world, and those left uninfected defended themselves through the construction of quarantine walls which carved out independent city states surrounded by Zero-controlled wasteland. Jade fled from her family and the former United States altogether as Umbrella began carving out territories on the West Coast to control directly.


Entering adulthood, Jade trained as a researcher for a university based in Madrid, where she specialised in the Zero biology. During her studies her links to Umbrella were kept quiet to protect herself and those around her from a global manhunt; unknown to Jade, Billie had grown up in the former US and become a senior figure within Umbrella, devoting the company's resources to reuniting with her sister.

In 2036, Jade went on an expedition to Great Britain where she observed packs of Zeroes for signs of increasing intelligence that would see an end to their violent impulses. On day 81, Jade was attacked by a pack living in St. James' Park in London when they smelt her bleeding from a fall. In the chaos which itself drew out a mutant caterpillar, Jade was saved by the arrival of a Brighton-based militia conducting a salvage operation in the area and taken back to their base on the south coast. Identifying her by her "R002" tattoo, the militia alerted Umbrella to her presence and planned to surrender her in exchange for safe passage to North America. Three Blackhawks soon arrived and dropped security personnel into the area with orders to exterminate the entire population save for Jade herself. Seeing no chance for the scattered survivors to fend off the attack, Jade chose to kill herself by throwing herself over the quarantine wall and into the path of hundreds of Zeroes.


  1. This information is based on a draft script for Welcome to New Raccoon City, and may not reflect the plot of the filmed TV series.
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