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Jade Wesker is an American scientist and part of the community The University. Born from a genetic engineering project by Al Wesker alongside her sister, Billie. Wesker would went on to become a valued member of the settlement. By 2036, she would discover pheromones that help hide themselves from Zeroes as well as it's attractor counterpart. She is also the mother of Bea who she had during The Fall and engages an intimate relationship with Arjun Batra.



Jade and Billie Wesker were born around 2008 as part of a genetics experiment conducted by Albert Wesker, an Umbrella Corporation executive who then retired to raise them. Though born together through a surrogate, they had separate biological parents on at least their mothers' side. The two had an upper-middle class upbringing, supported by Albert, who's parenting style shifted from controlling to inattentive. As teenagers, the two began acting out deliberately to cause problems, though their own relationship fell apart when Jade continued to push Billie to rebel following a threat of expulsion.

Moving to New Raccoon City[]

In 2022, Albert was offered his old executive position with Umbrella, and the family moved to New Raccoon City where Umbrella HQ was situated. Jade immediately hated living in the city, which she saw more as a facsimile of a real town set-up by the company. At school Jade fit in well, though became defensive when Billie became the target of persistent physical and cyberbullying. After witnessing further bullying on their second day, Jade purposely assaulted one of the bullies while wearing a costume and planted it in Billie's locker in an attempt to give her a reputation. The stunt almost resulted in Billie's expulsion and criminal charges, though was settled by their father's intervention.[1]

In the evening following the assault, Jade and Billie reconciled and began plans to infiltrate Umbrella HQ, having learnt from Billie that the company was conducting animal testing. Being plaid by Billie, Jade gave in and the two stole Albert's phone and keycard to fool their way through the building's security system. With her own experience, Jade brought a torch along to cover their faces when passing CCTV cameras. The infiltration was successful, and they made their way into level B4 where the experiments were conducted. While Billie focused her attention on taking photographic proof of animal testing, Jade instead used her father's passwords to read top-secret company files where she discovered information on the 1998 Raccoon City incident, which had been successfully covered-up. While preparing to leave the lab, the two were attacked by an escaped mutant doberman and were chased back to the ground floor. When their attempts to hide in offices failed, they ran for the entrance instead. During their escape, however, Billie was mauled by the dog and Jade had to bash it to death with a fire extinguisher.[1]

Afterwards, Umbrella's U.S.S. operators make their way to the building but the pair is found first by their father who offers to perform emergency surgery himself at home, unwilling to risk them going to Umbrella's hospital. At home, Albert attends to Billie, and is forced to explain to the girls that the dog was being treated for a "rare genetic disease" and demands the girls to never mention trespassing, warning them that Umbrella was working on classified "government" projects which risk would guarantee a severe punishment if discovered.[2]

Finding out the truth of Umbrella's coverups and their birth[]

As Jade watches him examining Billie's corneas for discolouration, she goes on her laptop to investigate Umbrella's Tijuana lab she saw on the video. She finds one website claiming to have "The Truth", but it is blocked by her ISP. Jade arrives at school, hearing from her friends that Simon Marcus has gotten a hold of a Deca-Dence and is informed that ISP Umbrella has blocked all porn, torrenting and pirated streaming sites. Jade asks Simon for help in accessing a particular website with the firewall successfully bypassed, and discovers stolen reports of an outbreak at the facility that caused infected employees to begin eating one another. Jade uses the site's comment section to post her email for further discussions.[2]

Jade eventually has a video call with Angel Rubio, an investigative reporter, formerly of The Baja Post, who has become obsessed with the unusually high incident rate at the company's lab and tells her of the incident where researcher went on a rampage and killed nine people three days after being bitten by a lab animal. His story went unpublished due to Umbrella's efforts to kill the story, and he was fired. Their conversation is cut when Jade is found by Ms. Underwood and told to go to class; the reporter is shocked to hear her name as "Wesker", being familiar with that name.[2]

After school, Jade heads home to check on Billie's condition but is shunned away. Jade eventually gets an email by Simon who has downloaded a page from Angel's website and sent it to her. It details allegations of illegal human experimentation conducted by Umbrella. This includes records recovered by an unknown source, including information on Lisa Trevor. On the next day, Jade and Simon discuss on getting more notes from Angel Rubio but a surprise update to Umbrella's firewall prevents them from acquiring more information which sparks an argument between Jade and Simon as he is reluctant on bypassing it again. An heavily ill Billie arrives to see them fighting which prompts her to overreact and punch both before leaving. Following her home, Jade talks things out with Billie about the webpage, but tries to assure Billie about the symptoms.[3]

Shortly after, Jade receives an invitation to the party from Simon but is conflicted whether to accept or decline it. With persuasion from Billie, they both arrive at the construction site where it occurs but is dispersed upon the arrival of Angel who is mistaken for a narcotics officer. Angel eventually confronts the pair and tells them the truth of the Raccoon City Incident occurring back in 1998, the death of Albert Wesker in 2009 along with no records of their births have ever been shown. Taken aback by the amount of information presented to, the girls flee back to their home where they are glad to find out that Billie passes the infection's deadline but begin to suspect of their father and his secrets.[4]

Searching for the newfound information, Jade finds out that the Raccoon City Incident was covered up with no mentions of its destruction via a nuclear blast and starts to question the lack of family mentions by Albert and the identity of the donors. Looking through her father's computer with the help of Simon, she finds an dead drop email reserved exclusively for Billie which warns her to run should he not input an password within 24 hours. More clues starts to arise including an traumatic experience Jade has back at 5th grade with Jade and Billie finding out numerous cash, fake passports for Anna and Mila Schneider and an gun for protection which sparks an argument between the two regarding of the revelation but they eventually rekindle. With Simon's help, the pair find an lab beneath the house which has numerous blood samples and blood bags of the two girls, a DVD containing footage of a USS operation overseen by Albert to infect Lisa with a sample and his plan to strap Billie to a chair should she succumbed to the virus after 72 hours. Finding out values this room gives, Jade unhooks the computer hoping to steal it as evidence but accidentally triggers an fire which destroys research data and nearly killing the girls until their father intervenes and rescues them.[5]

Jade demands answer from her father to which he gives in the identity of their donors as well as their birthplace in San Francisco. Still remained unconvinced he has their best interests in mind, Jade threatens her father with Billie knocking him out after he becomes enraged with her continuous rebellious behavior. They tied their father to the chair and is given answers upon their interrogation, revealing that the dog bitten Billie was infected with T-Virus with Billie seemingly resists its effects. Albert further reveals that the girls were genetically modified to excel in mental and physical performances and warns that Umbrella will imprison Billie for further testing should they find out that her sister is infected.[5]

Afterwards, Jade and Billie meet Simon but are interrupted by Bert who has come to pick them up in a stolen car. When questioned of Angel, he bluffs his way through and offers to take them out for food. Noticing the complete different demeanor, they are put off by the sudden change of their father. In the Olive Garden, this behavior furthers with his attitude towards the waiter which causes Billie and Jade to find a way out through Simon. Back at the table, Bert gives in and reveals he and Al are clones and part of an R&D team. Afterwards, an Umbrella team is sent out for Billie and Jade to bring to the headquarters through the orders of Evelyn Marcus, Bert kills the three guards but Roth manages to restrain him with the girls having no choice but to come with.[6]

At the Umbrella HQ, Billie and Jade are greeted by Evelyn and the two are brought up to the interrogation room where Al is writhing in pain. Blood samples are taken from the two girls, with Evelyn reveals the truth about their origins - the two girls were created as part of a treatment for Al's condition, with themselves effectively being a permanent source of viable blood for transfusions. Seeing the sight of Al hesitantly injects himself, Billie and Jade are horrified of the revelation and leaves without wanting to see him again.[6]

Escaping New Raccoon City[]

As an Umbrella Security drops them off at the house to recover other belongings to join Al, Jade and Billie hatches an escape plan with the duffle bag's contents, she momentarily distracts Roth while Billie recovers other supplies within the house. The pair eventually leaves the house through an window but is spotted by Roth who captures Billie while Jade manages to escape from the scene. Seeking help, Jade arrives at Simon's house as he becomes concerned of Diana's unusual behavior which he realizes was the work of his mother Evelyn. Through an phone call with his own mother, Simon agrees to help Jade and they both infiltrate the headquarters. Jade and Simon rescues Bert, Al and Billie but an manic Billie bites Simon's hand and infects with T-Virus after believing herself to be attacked by the Cerberus. Horrified by this, Simon abandons the group and comes to Evelyn and other U.S.S Operators. Evelyn fatally shoots him in the head which causes anguish to washed over Jade after refusing to listen to Al and Bert's offer of finding an treatment. The four escapes to the parking lot where Al and Bert plans to make an bomb to free themselves of the pursuers, Al offers to stay behind to detonate it and embraces Jade and Billie before the three leaves. As the trio leaves, Al sets off an explosion which takes out most of the operators saved for Evelyn. Seeing the flames from the outskirt of the city, Billie apologises for acting out with Jade reluctantly accepts. Bert takes the kids away to meet Ada Wong who Al leaves behind as an contact to seek help and can be found in Akihabara, Japan.[7]


Entering adulthood, Jade is now a researcher for a university in Madrid. Sent out on a research project to record any new mutations in the Zeroes and has spent 6 months on the lands of Britain and Western Europe, coming to England after an expedition to Paris.

The Massacre of Brighton Freehold[]

In 2036, Jade went on an expedition to Great Britain to further her studies. On day 167, she runs her test with Pack #2426, a group of about 40 Zeroes and spots their lack coordinative skills, a common problem in Zeroes. During her observations, Jade accidentally exposes her smell to the horde and runs back to the camp. Jade is able to disperse the horde using flame throwers installed within the security perimeters. The attack draws the Giant caterpillar with it nearly killed her until she is rescue by a team of survivors from Brighton Freehold consisting of Tate, Yen and Maskey. Confirming that Jade is neither dead or a Zero, they decide to rescue her, but soon take notice of a tattoo on her wrist marked "NRC002" and knows that she is the original survivor of incident in New Raccoon City.[1]

Sometime later, Jade wakes up in the Brighton Freehold in a medical bay with Tate introducing her around the settlement. Heading into a bar, Jade explains to Tate her research task, while Tate tells her about how he escaped the pandemic. Their conversation is cut short when Yen reports that an Umbrella helicopter is on its way. When Jade realises they are working with Umbrella, Tate has to take a gun out to keep her confined to her seat. Umbrella has a bounty out for all New Raccoon survivors, with Jade their topmost target, and he intends to hand her over in exchange for settlement on the West Coast where Umbrella is in control. Soon Umbrella arrives with security forces led by Richard Baxter. When Jade is pointed out to him, he immediately shoots Tate dead and orders his troops to wipe out the other survivors. As the two factions enter a shoot-out, Jade tries to hide in the medical bay, soon followed by Baxter and a flame trooper. With nowhere else to go, she throws herself to the hordes below but not before hearing from Baxter that her sister is alive and is looking for her.[1]

Having jumped out into the Dead Land to escape Umbrella, Jade is forced to fend for herself against the Zero horde.[1] As a high priority asset, Baxter orders his men to focus on killing the Zeroes to protect her so she can be captured. Yen makes an escape attempt in a modified car, which Jade jumps onto. After their getaway, Jade fails to convince him to work with her as not long after they are attacked by a pack of Zeroes who tear him apart which forces Jade takes the car away.[2]

Journey to Calais, France[]

Heading into an apartment block above a market in Dover, Jade meets Melinda whose husband Barry had helped beforehand but is informed that he is away. Using Melinda's sat-link, Jade warns Arjun Umbrella is after her, and is told to cross the channel to Calais in France where the Brotherhood is notorious to have a bad reputation but keeps Umbrella away. Afterwards, Jade is startled by the zombified Barry who has been chained up in the bathroom. Jade enters the room to recover his pocket book which lists his trafficker contacts, but he is able to rip his hand off and attacks Melinda. Jade manages to kill Barry which left Melinda distraught and threatens to report her if she does not leave. Shortly after her departure, Baxter tracks down the apartment and asks Melinda of her whereabouts.[2]

Elsewhere in town, Jade meets Charon who is listed as one of the contacts and an trafficker willing to take people to Calais for an hefty price. Charon refuses to take Jade as Barry's goods shipment failed to arrive and tells her to pay the debt.[2] At night, Jade heads to the ferry along with other refugees but is stopped by a U.S.S. convoy who proceeds to shoot down the survivors. As the crowds disperse, Jade comes across an family consists of Mark, Eyna and their son Liam who had planned to smuggle 40-year old spirits to Calais by ferry to make a life for themselves but is forced to go through the Channel Tunnel. Jade agrees to accompany them off to the tunnel as another means of getting to Calais.[3]

During the drive, the survivors are forced to stay in the cars as Lickers roam nearby but Baxter and his security forces soon arrives which prompts the Lickers to attack both the convoy and refugees with the attack killing half of the U.S.S forces and most of the refugees saved for Jade, Mark, Eyna, Liam and Devil-Horns who they manage to escape through an service hatch. The band travels through the subway where Jade discovers that Liam has been infected for the last 3 days which prompts an argument. Devil-Horns leaves without them but later returns to warn them to flee as an mutated Spider chases after and impales him with its legs. Mark grabs a pipe as a weapon and heads out in search of it. Although he is able to bash the spider, it is not as wounded as he believes and quickly tears him apart sideways. The spider proceeds to go after the remaining survivors but Jade manages to lower a shutter and crush it to death. Jade convinces Eyna to leave her son Liam but refuses as Jade leaves both of them to their deaths as she continues the journey by herself. Leaving the service tunnel, Baxter ambushes her but is ambushed back by the Brotherhood Militants as they capture both Baxter and Jade who is mistaken as an operative for Umbrella.[3]

Escape from The Brotherhood and Umbrella[]

An Brotherhood convoy drives Jade and Baxter towards the prison where they are introduced to its leader Felix Mort. During their time of captivity, Baxter comments that she is the same as her "psycho" sister Billie and Jade discovering that the Zeroes are coordinating as an work force by its leader Mother Zero. Understanding of his upcoming fate upon seeing the brutality of the prison, Baxter persuades Jade to help him with an escape attempt in exchange for being reported dead. Jade accepts the request with both of them breaking free of their cells. While searching for an escape route, Jade questions Felix of Mother Zero's nature to which he responds that they found her in the Ardennes and believes to be their queen. Jade searches for Mother Zero and manages to decapitate her but inadvertently lock herself up and surrounded by numerous Zeroes. Noticing slim chance of getting out alive, Jade contacts Arjun and Bea but gets cut off upon battery nearly dying. Determined to get back to her family, Jade extinguish hordes of Zeroes with an grenade and is saved by Baxter but an weakened Jade fails to save him as he is devoured by other Zeroes, Jade makes her escape and is found out by other USS Operators and her sister Billie.[4][5]

On one of Umbrella's bases, Jade is interrogated by Billie who she finds out to still be working for Evelyn for her world domination goal. Billie finds out that Jade has achieved nothing of value in the past ten years, and has migrated around the world from Tokyo to Greenland doing nothing. Jade is aware that Umbrella poses an threat to The University but is surprised to find out that her sister search's is personal as Jade finds out that Billie is still suffering from the effects of the virus. Billie removes the tracking chip and frees Jade with her gathering belongings before fleeing from the facility.[8]

The University[]

Out in the open, Jade heads towards the coast where she finds a boat and meets up with the rescue team consisting of Gideon and Amrita. The trio returns to the ship where she is reunited with Bea and Arjun who fills her on in the missing events occurred 6 months prior. Shortly after, Jade is called out for her parenting skills for being similar with her father and accuses her of using Bea as a tool to justify deliberate reckless behavior back in Brotherhood Bunker to get Mother Zero's decapitated head. Later, Jade eavesdrops on the conversation between Arjun and Bea who he tells that her mother's actions are for the betterment of the world out of guilt and convinces that Jade still loves her, Jade later joins in the pair for dinner. Later in the night, Jade informs Arjun of Billie and the recent news of their father's pass.[8]

The next morning, Jade and Amrita performs experiments on the head and determines that the body is producing two enzymes which degrade upon exposure to Oxygen. Throughout the course of the day, they managed to perform 55 different tests to preserve the enzymes with artificial saliva but all ends in failure. Jade decides to test it with her own and successfully stabilizing it. Remembering Bea's upcoming performance, Jade leaves the lab to Amrita and attends the performance along with Arjun but soon leaves after receiving an call from Amrita. Jade and Amrita discovers that when exposing the virus to the enzymes, it creates an attractive property and the other a repelling property which in theory can be used to ward Zeroes away as well as leading them to attack targets.[8]

Testing the hypothesized theory, Jade acquires an Zero from the ocean and smuggles it to the lab. She chains it and cuts herself to test its sense of smell after spraying the repelling pheromones. At the same time, Bea walks in and gives her mother an mug before being told to stay nearby the door for her safety. The theory is proven to be true as it ignores Jade's smell entirely but begins to shift its attention towards Bea who is amazed of the discovery. The zero eventually breaks free of its containment, Jade tries to restrain it but fails as it chases Bea throughout the ship. Bea manages to arrive at the deck as the Zero tackles and rips Amrita's throat before being killed by the residents of the ship. Jade tearfully takes responsible of the attack and is almost killed by Amrita's soon to be father Paolo before Umbrella's ospreys flied overhead of the University.[8]

Assault on Umbrella's base[]

After Amrita's death, Jade continues further studies on the head and finds an tracking device hidden inside. Arjun warns her that the crew is agreed to an truce with Saquim Salam acting as the representative with the demand Jade to be handed over. Hearing of the news, Jade warns Bea to leave the ship and take her father Arjun and the green duffle bag hidden beneath the bed with. The ship's crew soon arrives and surrenders her over to Umbrella where she finds an mind-controlled Evelyn with the puppeteer being her sister Billie using modified Joy and has been controlling the corporation from the shadows. Billie reveals to her that she wants to keep Jade as an blood bag to stabilize her condition and orders the troop to seize The University for its valuable assets. Realizing that she cannot stop the order, Jade releases an attractive pheromones which draws in hundreds of Zeroes towards the camp, killing most of U.S.S operators. The ship is alerted to the site and decides to disembark much to Arjun's dismay.[6]

Among the chaos, Jade breaks free of her captors and flees the base while still covering in deterrent enzyme, Jade runs to the disembarked ship with Arjun throwing an rope down to save her. On board, Jade tells Saquim to release the giant crocodile as last act of desperation against Umbrella should they survive the onslaught attack. Later, Jade realizes Bea is missing from the boat with Arjun and herself struggling to find her. They disembark to find their daughter but their boat capsizes from the crocodile's tail whip. Arjun and Jade washes up ashore though the former is heavily injured from the attack. Bea is eventually reunited with Jade but is confronted by Billie and her troops and expressed interest in taking Bea as a test subject after witnessing Bea indirectly calming down the beast. Billie and Jade talk it out about their experience at Umbrella HQ and considers it the day where her sister had died as from then someone else took her place, while Billie sees it as an awakening as she no longer suffers from anxieties and other "bullshit". Unable to kill her own sister, Jade offers to trade herself up for Bea but is shot in the abdomen by Billie who deems her as irrelevant if she has Bea. Jade gets back up as an Umbrella helicopter flies over with Billie and Bea as its passengers.[7]




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