Jake Chapter 2 is a chapter of Jake Story in Resident Evil 6.

Plot summary

Jake and a mortally wounded Sherry lie on the snow-covered mountainside. Sherry had shielded Jake from a large fragment of the destroyed helicopter, which is now lodged in her torso. Jake removes the massive steel hunk from her expecting the worst, yet to his astonishment, her wounds heal right before his eyes. Stranded, the pair seeks refuge from the elements in an empty cottage. Safe inside, Sherry proceeds to tell Jake about the 1998 Raccoon City incident where her father had injected her with a new kind of virus—the source of her remarkable healing ability. The two realize they share a bond, as each of them carries a unique burden, setting them apart from normal people, and it brings the two of them closer together.

The tranquil of this interlude is soon broken by an attack from Neo Umbrella. Shaking off an assault by J'avo and running from the ever-persistent Ustanak, Jake and Sherry somehow manage to make their way through the frozen landscape and reach the Edonian border. Here, too, they are surrounded by Neo Umbrella and captured. The mysterious woman that had distributed the C-Virus to Jake's mercenary group, suddenly appears before their eyes. She tells Jake about Albert Wesker, a man who had nearly destroyed the world and, according to her, is also Jake's father.


Jake: What do I do?

Sherry: Pull it out...

Jake: No!You'll bleed to death.

Sherry: Please...

Jake: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jake: What the hell?

Jake: You wanna tell me what the hell just happened?!

Sherry: Long story.

Jake: Yeah? Maybe it's your blood they should be testing for vaccines.

Sherry: They already did.More than I could stand.

Jake: What are you doing?

Sherry: The data's gone!

Jake: What data?

Sherry: Your data! Your blood analysis; your genome, everything that we need to make a vaccine.

Jake: No!You mean everything I need to get my 50 million.

Jake: Well,come on super girl,let's get lookin'

Sherry: I had all your intel saved on a handful of data chips.We've gotta find them!

Jake: In the middle of a snowstorm? You really want me to work for that money, don't you?

Jake: Hey, look. There's a shack up there. Finally, a little luck....

Sherry: OK, first we find the data, then we'll take shelter there.

Jake: So this data you need to find.It's about me, isn't it?

Sherry: There are three data chips.I lost them in the crash. The locator will pinpoint each one's position.

Jake: OK...We find your gear,and then I brew us a nice, hot pot a coffee.

Sherry: This way!


Chapter 2-1: Mountain Path

Chapter 2-2: Snow-Covered Mountain

Chapter 2-3: Cave


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